How One Company Added 11000 Subscribers With One Script

Why Content Locking Scripts Work

Why Content Locking Scripts Work

Did you know that Whole Whale doubled its list and Photowebo increased its list by 3806% using content locking.

There are two primary benefits of using a content locking script on your site:

1. Better segmentation of a large audience. Sites with large audiences often have unfocused lists. Offering content specific optins helps to segment your list by their interests and engagement. Instead of adding 7,500 subscribers who are generally interested in trading, Casey now has 7,500 subscribers he knows are interested in bitcoin trading specifically and can create followup campaigns just for these subscribers.

2. Better list quality. The 7,500 subscribers who went out of their way to subscribe are more engaged and committed than the 35,000 other readers who viewed the article but didn’t want the strategies enough to share their email address. Micro-conversions like this help push a lead further into your sales funnel. (Check out ShorelineCRM for sales funnel tools)


Trading Strategy Guides took their most popular pieces of content and turned them into list-building machines using our content locking script.

  • Trading Strategy Guides converted 17% of readers using targeted inline optins.
  • Trading Strategy Guides added nearly 7,500 subscribers in just over one month using a single content locking script.
  • Trading Strategy Guides then added another 3,500 subscribers in the same time period implementing the same technique on other blog posts.


Just because you share your best content at no cost doesn’t mean you have to give away for free.

Implementing a content locking script gives you an opportunity to segment your list and increase the quality of your list at the same time, all without creating new content or lead magnets.


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