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Franchise SEO Success

For both franchise owners and owners of multi-location local businesses, Local SEO is one of the best ways to connect with nearby customers. While SEO - search engine optimization - is generally aimed at searches around a service or product, Local SEO focuses more on geographic tags in an effort to bring increased local traffic to a website or brick and mortar storefront.

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  • Franchise Marketing Pitfalls to Avoid

    Plain and simple, your site must have original content. It’s fine to lean on resources and information from corporate (if applicable) or other locations, but make sure that the majority of your content is specifically designed and targeted for your local audience. Failing to do so will hurt your SEO as Google and other engines recognize duplicate content.

  • Franchise Marketing Strategies for Success

    Make sure that wherever information is listed about your business it is current and accurate! This includes Google My Business, Yelp, Facebook, local business directories...anywhere and everywhere information about your business is listed.

  • How to Get More Leads for Your Franchise Using SEO

    One of the best things about having a franchise is that your company gets to benefit from franchise marketing and advertising plans.  However, when it comes to marketing your individual franchise location, it can be a challenge to help your location stand out from other locations.  Mutual goodwill is all great for the franchise, as a whole, but you really want to make sure that your advertising dollars are bringing customers into your business.

  • Franchise Web Marketing Franchise SEO

    Franchise Web Marketing Franchise SEO When you own a franchise, you have marketing restrictions that other small businesses do not,... Read More

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