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Everything you and your business needs to capture leads, nurture the lead and close the lead.

LeadFlow CRM Marketing Automation Software

Your Entire Business On One Platform

Everything You & Your Team Needs To Grow Your Business!
A Complete CRM Solution For All Sized Businesses! Manage, Capture, and Close Leads, Reach & Retain Customers, Enhance Your 5-Star Reviews, Live Chat, Schedule Appointments, Track Sales & ROI, & More! All From One Platform! Included In Our SEO Strategy Plans!

The Best & Most Efficient CRM

Introducing LeadFlow. The best most efficient CRM and Automation Software. LeadFlow is a complete CRM with a full Lead Nurturing and Marketing Automation system. It’s the best and your most powerful solution to help Manage Leads, Retain Customers, Close & Nurture More Leads, Track Sales, Match ROI, Schedule Appointments & much more! Learn more at

  • Workflows

    Automated Workfloes & Pipelines. Create workflows to move your leads through the system just like HubSpot! With our built-in Pipeline Management feature, you can keep track of where the leads are and what stage they are in the workflow.

  • Automation

    Marketing Automation at its finest. Create automated emails, SMS, voicemail drops, bridged calls, and more within your campaigns. Let LeadFlow do the nurturing and follow-ups for you! You just need to close the lead!

  • A Full CRM

    LeadFlow works as a full CRM. With multiple ways to communicate, both automatic and manually, and email builders to create stunning emails, you can do everything you want all within the system.

  • Payments

    Accept payments & Send Invoicing. Include stripe packages on your funnel pages to easily sell your services (one-time or subscription-based) or create invoices right in the conversations to send directly to your customers.

  • Appointments

    A major step for any business is requesting and capturing appointments. We’ve built our own calendar application within our platform, allowing you to capture and manage appointments, all in one straightforward process.

  • Memberships

    Create a thriving community for your agency or for your clients by using our Membership Platform. Build Full Courses with unlimited video hosting and unlimited users.

  • Review System

    By simply checking in a client with their name and email/phone number you can send a review request linking to your GMB or Facebook. You are able to stay updated on the status of the request and respond right back to the review all within LeadFlow!

  • Live Chat

    LeadFlow has a customizable chat widget you can utilize on your website and respond to chats all within the conversations section of the dashboard.

  • GMB

    Connecting your Google My Business (GMB) allows for call tracking and messaging all within LeadFlow! Respond to GMB messages in the conversations section and set up workflows to auto-respond to missed calls from GMB.

  • Social Planner

    Tired of having to do all your social media posting in different places? Going in and out of apps? Then the Social Planner will be the perfect tool for you. You can connect multiple Social Media channels like GMB, FB, Instagram, and LinkedIn and have multiple accounts of each connected. Build out your posts for multiple channels and be able to see a preview of each channel. After you build your post you will be able to immediately post it, schedule the post, or if needed have it approved by an admin. View all your posts by calendar view or by list view to see what is upcoming and have the ability to pause or edit the posts. And to top it off, you are able to track your engagement metrics in one place across your social media accounts.

  • eCommerce

    A full eCommerce Marketing Suite. eCommerce Automation Marketing. eCommerce shopping Cart Marketing and email builder will help send out shopping cart order summaries, emails, texts, and more. Shopify eCommerce Marketing Just Added! Nurture Shopify abandoned carts, sales, wish lists and more.

  • Agent Reporting

    Want to be able to see how your team is doing in one quick glance? The Agent Reporting tab is the spot to go to. You can choose your team member/s and view Opportunity, Conversion, SMS, Email, Call Metric, and Efficiency statistics. Compare those statistics between date ranges and you can even view a Leaderboard to see who is getting the most opportunities or who has converted the most leads. And that’s not it, there is more to come. In a future update, you will be able to track the response rate of your team members to leads.

LeadFlow Demos

LeadFlow CRM Marketing Tool Demos

Aside from our support and outreach team here we also have a separate LeadFlow support team. They have put together some LeadFlow demos so that you can see first hand how the system works for you. You can enter your information into the demos so that you receive the test notifications as if you were the customer. From the Admin part you control every message, workflow, email, text and more through our online dashboard or your personal LeadFlow APP. Pleas keep in mind LeadFlow can be used for ANY service industry or business.

Restaurants | Real Estate | Pest Control | Fitness | HVAC | Electricians

CRM & Lead Nurturing Strategies

In order for any business to truly be the best in their industry, they better know nothing about what a marketing funnel is, what lead nurturing is, and have no clue what Adwords is and really focus on their craft. They need to partner with a Marketing Agency that can help them crush it! The truth is Digital Marketing Agencies are not just “Nice to have”. They are a necessity. They are the most important part of the business’s Marketing Strategy.

Everything You & Your Team Needs To Grow Your Business! A Complete CRM Solution with a full Search Engine Optimization Strategy For All Sized Businesses! Manage, Capture, and Close Leads, Reach & Retain Customers, Enhance Your 5-Star Reviews, Live Chat, Schedule Appointments, Track Sales & ROI, & More! All From One Platform! Chat with your Shoreline team member today and review LeadFlow!

Lead Flow Marketing Automation

A Software Produced By The Minds at Shoreline Media. Learn more at


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