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    Why Should You Share Your Google Review Link?

    Showing real reviews from real people goes a long way to help promote your business and your business listing. It’s extremely important to share your link and ask people to give you a review. Customers who have used your service purchased a product, etc.

    How Do I Get Google Reviews From My Customers?

    The best way to get unique and positive reviews is to Ask! There are a ton of ways you can help generate positive reviews from customers for your business. This should be a major focus point while working on your internal marketing campaigns and even Marketing Automation Campaigns. A few recommendations would be:

    • 1. Request a review to all customers who have used your service or purchased a product
    • 2. Include your review link in your emails
    • 3. Send the link to an email list of past customers
    • 4. Use your CRM or Marketing Automation/Lead Nurturing System to help create a review workflow or pipeline that will help automatically ask anyone who has completed a service or checkout for a review.



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