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Our proprietary All-In-One Sales and Marketing Automation Platform allows you to capture, input, nurture, and close leads from any channel, all on one easy to navigate system.

Easily organize leads from your website, landing pages, surveys, forms, calendars, inbound phone systems and more. Automatically message leads via voicemail, phone call, text, e-mail, Facebook messenger, and more. Collect payments, schedule appointments, track and measure analytics, view sales opportunities, your sales pipeline, and the conversion rates for different channels. Bottom line: our innovative, all-in-one platform gives you the tools to turn more leads into sales!

One comprehensive marketing automation platform, designed to drive growth and close leads. No third party plug-ins. No hassle. More Sales.

All-in-One Sales & Marketing Software

Where are your leads going and who is tracking them?

We’ll deliver the leads but are you closing them? Have you ever wondered what your ROI is on different leads types? Or how much that lead is worth and what that leads costs? Shoreline’s Lead Platform brings all the things your business needs to solve your lead management problems under one roof. Our platform is the first-ever built to manage business follow-ups, two-way texting, pipeline workflow, scheduling, and so much more. Built for Small Businesses, By Small Businesses.

With the support of our team, you will receive the best strategies currently being used by successful businesses to close more leads online. Our streamlined, automated system allows you to log all leads we deliver to you, and nurture them through multiple channels, including email, text, Facebook Messenger and more. Whether you run a website with us, or simply want to use our platform as your online lead funnel and management hub, we can help!

Great For Sales Funnel, Lead Management and Automation

We have custom-built plugins and scripts that will work with your automation system, which means NO NEED for third-party integrations to send leads into your platform. If you already have a website and a strategic Marketing and SEO plan, we can take the leads from any website form and send them right to this system.


Lead Flow Marketing Automation
A Shoreline Media Marketing Platform

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We’re In The Business Of Helping You Grow Yours

Our all-in-one platform gives you the tools, support, and resources needed to move more leads through the sales funnel and grow your business. Everything from Sales Funnel Management and Appointments, to Surveys and Landing Pages—once the lead is delivered, this platform has the rest covered!

  • 104.3K+ Businesses

  • 187.5M+ Leads

  • 8.2B+ Conversions

  • 1 Automation Platform

Follow-Up Funnels

The sales funnel comprises each step someone has to take on their way from finding out about your product or service to becoming your customer. When a lead is delivered to you from your website it must be moved through the sales funnel, and ultimately converted into a sale. Often, that takes some nurturing. With our platform, you can create smooth, forward-thinking funnels that are pre-designed to walk your lead through each step of the sales process and convert them from “visitors” into actual paying customers.

Using our platform for follow-up funnels will also help nurture slower-moving leads. These follow-up workflows allow you to reconnect with current or past leads anytime, through any line of communication, whether it be targeted emails, texts or any other communication you use to connect with leads.

Close More Leads

Book your leads directly into your calendar and provide a seamless booking experience for your leads and customers. Designed to sync with Google Calendar and more, this platform is a Full Suite Platform, and works best for small and medium-sized businesses. Included in the Platform is a full-featured Page Builder to capture leads or upload leads, tools for Appointment Scheduling and Sales Funnel Creation, a Claim Offer System, ROI Tracker, Survey Forms, Membership Areas, and so much more.

Our platform provides an industry-leading, All-in-One Marketing Automation solution.

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Data Driven Marketing Automation

  • Payment Collection

    Our lead and ROI dashboard provides an overview of where your leads are, and how much money has been generated by each strategy or initiative. You can use this as your new CRM system!

  • Customizable Forms

    Easily capture leads through Surveys and capture forms with built-in drag and drop features. You can also integrate areas of the platform to take leads from your lead generating website where you run SEO campaigns and add them directly into this system.

  • Manage Products

    Create a thriving community for your business by using our Membership Platform. With this platform, you can build courses and manage special membership tools for any type of client, as well as sell courses or info online.

  • Appointments

    A major step for any business is requesting and capturing appointments. We’ve built our own calendar application within our platform, allowing you to capture and manage appointments, all in one straightforward process.

Customized Lead Nurturing Strategies

  • Communication

    On Any Device! The full-featured mobile app allows you to communicate with your leads on all devices. Customized mobile apps have extra pricing and fees.

  • Live Chat Integration

    Add our Live Chat script into your website and your chat conversations will automatically flow into LeadFlow allowing their information to be added to the workflow and sales funnels.

  • Review Widget

    Showcase all of your 5-Star reviews right on your website and create surveys to help generate more reviews. All of the information, submission info, and review requests are completed right in the LeadFlow Dashboard

  • Lead Form Ads

    Enter your Facebook Lead Ad forms directly into LeadFlow.

More Customers

Shoreline is committed to helping businesses of all sizes achieve and surpass their sales and growth goals. We understand that some smaller businesses don’t have the manpower or budget that others may have, and that’s why we’ve built a platform and service that can be custom-fit to the needs and budget of any business. We’ve created data-driven strategies that will help your business close leads more quickly, and more professionally.

All-In-One Solution

If you are not using a CRM, you are likely painfully aware that you’ll have to find ways to integrate information from multiple third-party platforms. Such an approach is inefficient and frustrating and costs you both time and money. Our Marketing Automation Workflow brings every aspect of your marketing strategy together in an all-in-one solution.

Join The Movement

Our thriving agency and partners are among the most successful, visionary specialists in business today. We supply all of the training and resources you need to get started and remain available for support whenever needed. Already a client? Talk to your rep for special pricing!

Capture or Manage Leads

Easily capture, enter, and manage leads using our landing pages, surveys, forms, calendars, inbound phone systems and more. OR place leads that we deliver from an SEO Strategy directly into your new Lead Funnel System!

Lead Nurturing

From a lead to a client or customer. Automatically message leads via Phone Calls, Voicemail, SMS, E-Mail, Facebook Messenger and more! Designed to guide leads through your sales funnel in an efficient and professional manner, and guaranteed to help increase your lead conversion rate.

Scheduling, Analytics and Beyond

A wide array of built-in tools gives you the ability to collect payments, schedule appointments, track analytics, manage workflow and so much more.

Easy Workflow and Pipeline Management

Keep track of all your leads and where they are in the sales funnel, at any time. Our Pipeline Management feature allows for unrivaled lead management and development.

Collect Payments – Anywhere, Anytime

We integrate directly with Stripe, allowing you to collect payments on websites, during appointment bookings, or at any other stage in your sales funnel.

Move Forward With Analytics and Reports

With our easily navigable Dashboard, an overview of all your leads is always at your fingertips. Reports and other analytics give you an overview of where your leads stand, and advanced analytics provide the details needed to take a deep dive on lead performance, bottlenecks, opportunities, and more.

Nurture More Leads Into Customers

This program is an industry leader because of what it allows you to accomplish once a lead has been captured.

Custom-Built Follow-up Campaigns

Easily customize your follow-up campaigns with our Multi-Channel Follow-Up tool built to create and automate engaging lead follow-ups and capture responses.

Monitor Multi-Channel Campaigns

Our platform allows you to connect with your leads through Phone Connect, Voicemail Drops, SMS/MMS, E-Mail, and even Facebook Messenger. If you can dream it, we can manage it.


The full-featured mobile app allows you to communicate with your leads on all devices. Customized mobile apps have extra pricing and fees. Live Chat, Forms, Surveys, Facebook Lead Ad Forms, and more!

Custom Survey Tool

Custom Survey tools to add to workflows, funnels, website landing pages, and more. Get more data from your customers with customized Surveys. At the end of the survey ask them for a review to help generate more 5-star reviews.

Custom Membership Areas

Create a thriving community for your business, customers, or clients by using our LeadFlow Membership Platform.

Course Management & Training

Build Full Courses with unlimited video hosting and unlimited users.

Offer Free or Paid Courses

With our full LeadFlow Platform, you can sell courses or offer courses for free, all in one product!

Unlimited Usage With Our LeadFlow System

LeadFlow offers unlimited users, offers, and products for your courses. You can create courses for your clients easily using the LeadFlow Membership area!

Lead Flow Marketing Automation
A Shoreline Media Marketing Platform

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