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Providing A+ service and support! To create something amazing it takes an amazing team. Here at Shoreline, we built just that and now we want you! Immediate Openings Listed Below.

Do You Have What It Takes?

To create something amazing it takes an amazing team. Here at Shoreline, we built just that and now we want you!

Shoreline Media is built around the idea that every client should be able to experience the best in all Digital Marketing Services along with the best in Customer Service. From SEO and development to Content Writing and Social Media our in-house team can handle any type and any size company no matter where they are in the world. We are truly changing the way SEO and Digital Marketing is done with the very best in all that we do.

The company was built on 3 simple words Honesty, Quality & Trust. We strive for the quality of work we deliver to each and every client and expect the same from our team members. There are so many exciting challenges that lie ahead and by adding to the already amazing team we have we can meet all challenges creatively together.

Perks? Yup We Got Em!

  • Shoreline Media Careers
    Lots of “The Office” trivia, team outings, and Street Fighter competitions.

  • Shoreline Media Careers
    A fully stocked kitchen and free lunch Friday’s (Must Share with Holly).

  • Shoreline Media Careers
    Work from home days, vacation, and pretty great paid Holidays off.

  • Shoreline Media Careers
    Competitive health & dental packages to keep you healthy and happy.

Who We’re Looking For

Paid Ad Specialist (Facebook, Adwords, Etc.)

At Shoreline we are a leading Digital Marketing Agency that’s actively researching experienced Social Media Ad Specialist to help us and our clients keep growing.

If you’re dedicated, ambitious, and a go-getter Shoreline is an excellent place to grow your career. This position will be responsible for researching demographics, audiences, creating ads, managing ads, managing data, giving feedback and recommendations to clients for Social Media Ads, Google Ads, Bing Ads, etc. You will work with our in-house PPC Team to help produce quality content and ads for all types of clients. Expert knowledge of Facebook Business Manager and Adwords platforms is A MUST.

We will be looking to hire for this position within the next 30-60 days holding interviews in December.

SEO Account Manager

The SEO Account Manager is responsible for overseeing multiple SEO client accounts as well as the SEO Team. The candidate will be responsible for enhancing our internal process and a step-by-step strategy for both our team and the client. Expert knowledge in Organic SEO is a MUST.

The candidate will be giving suggestions to clients and helping deliver reports on all types of Organic SEO and Digital Marketing Services.

The candidate is also responsible for the performance, strategy, growth, and alignment of the account team on each individual account the candidate will manage.

The candidate will also be responsible for certain weekly and monthly reports in all types of industries to supply specific data in specific areas of the custom SEO structure and plan.

Enhanced SEO Knowledge of the latest trends, Google Analytics, Data Studio, Keyword Research, and more are required.

This is a role that is interacting with clients as well as working closely with the company team to make sure that the goals of the client are achieved.

Grow With Us & Our Clients

Please be sure to read each description and only submit if you match all criteria listed. All fields are required and all information is private and kept within Shoreline.

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