Franchise Marketing Pitfalls to Avoid

Franchise Marketing Pitfalls to Avoid

There are a number of snags that can prevent an SEO strategy from succeeding. Below are three main concerns to pay attention to:

Duplicate content

  • Plain and simple, your site must have original content. It’s fine to lean on resources and information from corporate (if applicable) or other locations, but make sure that the majority of your content is specifically designed and targeted for your local audience. Failing to do so will hurt your SEO as Google and other engines recognize duplicate content.

Excessive or unnecessary interlinking

  • Including too many internal links, or linking content that is not relevant or particularly helpful can actually hurt your SEO performance. While interlinking is an important tool for getting your content in front of potential customers and increasing time spent on site, use it judiciously.

Outdated NAP Listings

  • Make sure that all your business listings are accurate and up to date. Use tools like Moz Local if needed. Remember that this information should be that of YOUR location, not corporate, or another franchise location. Inaccurate or inconsistent listings will hurt Local SEO performance!

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