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Building Your Franchise Website for Local SEO Success (working title)

For both franchise owners and owners of multi-location local businesses, Local SEO is one of the best ways to connect with nearby customers. While SEO – search engine optimization – is generally aimed at searches around a service or product, Local SEO focuses more on geographic tags in an effort to bring increased local traffic to a website or brick and mortar storefront.

A successful Local SEO strategy for a franchise will leverage the value and brand recognition of a franchise name while also highlighting information about a particular location to target local customers.

A coordinated SEO effort between franchises, one that can take advantage of “the network effect,” should be the ultimate goal. This will help eliminate wasteful spending, make the most efficient use of time and resources, and achieve greater SEO success as a cohesive team than any location could individually.

Franchise Website Structure 

If you own multiple locations, or plan to open additional locations, you may want to consider using a franchise website builder. Doing so will allow you to manage all the sites in one place, ensure consistency across sites, set access and limitations for each site and define which pieces of content and website attributes are up for customization by location. 

Why SEO is so important to quality leads?

SEO is extremely valuable because it delivers high quality leads that convert. A successful SEO strategy puts excellent content in front of audiences who are interested in said content. Local SEO is especially important for franchisees who are looking to differentiate their location from others in searches. Done right, the rewards can be huge.

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