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eCommerce Popup Examples That Convert

11 eCommerce Popup Examples That Convert

In this post, we’ve already seen a few examples of eCommerce popups built with the Shoreline Popup Converter. These popups took just minutes to create and can be totally customized to fit your brand’s voice, style, and message.

And as you’ll see below, many businesses have found massive success with Shoreline’s eCommerce popups.

These are companies that didn’t start with huge marketing teams or large promotional budgets. But through the creative use of Popup tools, they were able to produce some awesome results.

1. AutoAnything

AutoAnything is an online retail store for car parts. Now, when you think of eCommerce stores using popups to boost conversions, you probably don’t think of online stores like AutoAnything.

But, they built this eCommerce popup and had amazing success. In fact, AutoAnything got 2.5x more email addresses every day and increased email revenue by over 20%.

All that from one simple popup!

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2. Paint Your Life

Paint Your Life specializes in creating unique, hand-painted artwork from photos taken by customers. They used the popup from the example above to get more customers during the holidays.

With this one campaign, they converted 28.57% of their site’s visitors.

But this wasn’t the only campaign they used. Through their eCommerce popup campaigns, Paint Your Life was able to drastically grow their email list to generate more revenue all year long.

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3. Cosmetic Capital

When most people hear the term “popup,” they’re thinking of the most common kind: the lightbox popup. This is the one that appears in a smaller box over your site’s content.

But popups actually come in many shapes and sizes. Take this floating bar example from Cosmetic Capital:

When customers came to their website, this floating bar would “pop up” to highlight a special offer. They added a financial incentive (free shipping) and a countdown timer to build urgency.

And overnight, Cosmetic Capital saw a 300% increase in daily leads. They went on to capture over 18,000 leads, averaging at over 600 new leads each week.

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4. Fastrack

Fastrack is a technology and digital marketing agency that focuses on the hotel and travel industry. They help hospitality, travel, and tourism industries get more bookings.

The problem? They need to find customers for themselves, too.

That’s when Fastrack started using this popup to attract more customers to their online agency:

They used the Exit-Intent® technology to make this eCommerce popup appear as visitors were leaving their site.

As a result, Fastrack was able to recover 54% of abandoning visitors.

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5. SnackNation

SnackNation delivers healthy snacks to homes and businesses. Their goal is to make snacking a healthier habit for their customers.

They began using this eCommerce popup to get more leads:

In the popup, they offer a FREE 15 Snack sampler box with no credit card required. All you need to do is enter your email and click Try It Free.

From this popup campaign, they were able to add 1200 new segmented leads to their contact list every single week.

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6. is a family-owned company that sells skate and skate-related products around the world. But they were having an issue many online business owners face:

Shopping cart abandonment.

Then they used a popup builder very similar to Shoreline’s to build a simple campaign to recover people leaving their cart:

It may not be the most creative popup you’ve ever seen, but it definitely got the job done! This one little popup converted 6.29% of abandoning visitors.

Between the eCommerce popup in the image above and a few other well-placed popups on their site, added £2000 of revenue a day during its holiday season.

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7. Urban Southern

Urban Southern makes leather bags for women from all walks of life. At the start of their business, they were struggling pretty badly.

In fact, in the first 18 months of being open, Urban Southern had only sold 45 handbags.

Then they started using popups and transformed their eCommerce strategy. They began giving their customers coupons through targeted popups. Here’s an example of one promotion they ran:

With this eCommerce popup and a few other similar ones designed with a popup campaign, Urban Southern saw the following results:

  • 2150% email list growth
  • 8600 subscribers added
  • 400% growth in sales

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8. Sportique

Sportique is a lifestyle eCommerce company that combines fashion with adventure. Since they got started, they’ve used popups at the core of their digital marketing strategy.

Through various campaigns, they would offer discounts on their products to grow their email list. Here’s a discount popup example they ran with impressive success:

This popup converted 58% of people leaving Sportique’s website. And when they applied the same popup to keep people from abandoning their cart?

They converted 79% of shoppers!

That means Shopique was able to recover 3 out of every 4 shoppers who were abandoning their shopping cart.

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9. Christmas Lite Show

Christmas Lite Show is Michigan’s largest drive-through Christmas light experience. They’ve been around for over 20 years, and, for the longest time, they did all their marketing and sales in person.

Then they switched gears, got onto a Shopify site, and started using popups on their site (Shoreline Popups can be used on any site). They created the following eCommerce popup with a countdown timer and a financial incentive to subscribe:

What happened?

Christmas Lite Show converted 70.80% of their site’s visitors. And over the 4 weeks that they ran this promotion, over 30% of their site’s visitors purchased tickets to the show.

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10. White River

White River sells hardwood moldings and hand-crafted wood carvings for home decor. Again, it’s a nice reminder that the term “eCommerce” extends far beyond selling clothes on Etsy.

White River needed an option that would let them show popups on a site made with Shopify and another that was an HTML site. They also wanted to reach more mobile users.

So, they got started with popups and soon saw some great results. Here’s an example of a simple mobile popup they designed:

After working with eCommerce popups much like the Shoreline Popups, here are the results White River found:

  • 150% uplift in mobile conversions
  • 200% email list growth
  • 35% increase in sales

All that from a few well-targeted eCommerce popups.

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11. Scott Wyden Imagery

Scott Wyden is a photographer, educator, blogger, and author. He used eCommerce popups to grow his photography brand.

Like many online store owners, Scott found that a lot of his customers were leaving his site at checkout. So he quickly whipped up this popup to reduce shopping cart abandonment:

Whether or not you love the design, you can’t argue with the results. Using this popup, Scott was able to convert 21.06% of customers who were abandoning their cart.

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