Why Do My Emails Go To Spam

Blog Post Content & Google (SEO)

Blog Posts & Google (SEO)

If your blog posts and content for aren’t optimized for Google (Organic SEO), then you’re missing out on a ton of traffic – and a lot of potential customers.

If you want to get more traffic to your pages or your blog posts, then you’re in for a treat.

The Shoreline Team has put together a handy SEO checklist that you can use to fully optimize every single blog post that you write.  (We use it on our own blog posts to help us rank higher)

Email Deliverability Checklist

Don’t let your emails get blocked and reported as spam! Here are 14 ways to ensure your emails land in the inbox:

  • My welcome email tells subscribers how to white list me
  • I got express permission to email every subscriber on my list
  • I’m sending segmented emails to my list
  • I’m using a reputable email service provider (Try LeadFLow)
  • My email open rates are average or higher for my industry
  • I regularly email my subscribers at least once a week
  • My email branding makes it clear who I am
  • My email “from” name is easily recognizable
  • I have cleaned my email list within the past year
  • My email subject lines are not misleading
  • I’ve included my mailing address in every email
  • There’s an unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email
  • I’m not using any common spam trigger words
  • I tested my email using IsNotSpam or similar tool


Download The PDF Checklist Here


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