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Why Press Release & Micro-sites Work

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Rather than me sit here and write on how i can help your site, or build you a better site, or have your site marketed the right way. I want to show you some results. Results that had visitors to some of these sites within and hour of using some of Shorelines marketing ideas. I’m going to give you two examples on some of our techniques.

Les Bijoux Boutique Hits #1 on Google In Minutes!!

Shoreline Media / Marketing has re-designed the site of Les Bijoux Boutique. Les Bijoux Boutique is owned by Francine Girimonte who makes homemade Venetian Glass Jewelry.

Francine had a website done a while back where the designer up and left with most of her content and images for her products as well as the access to her files.

Once we launched her new site we then started on her marketing package by pushing some Professional Press Releases out concentrating on a lot of her products and her new website.

One of the major keywords Francine wanted to come up as with her site and her Press was Venetian Jewelry, Homemade Venetian Jewelry, NJ Venetian Jewelry, etc… So we got to work and started working on a marketing concept that would best fit what she wanted for her website and what would draw new customers to her site.

By the first hour the Professional Press Release was written and posted Les Bijoux was at the top off major search engines including Google, and Yahoo with the simple search term “Homemade Venetian Glass Jewelry”

Colonial Nursery, Monmouth County

Dan from Colonial Nursery wasn’t to happy with his website. He had the same issues most people have after paying a ridiculous amount for a fancy flash website. The site doesn’t search, There are no keywords, The pages are titles wrong, Can’t access any of the files,

images, etc.. He wanted something that functioned and worked for his business. Something where people can go on and get what they want, sign up for lists, leave comments, read blogs,

download coupons… So we gave him just that. Along with all of that we helped him out with Shoreline Media’s Micro-site Strategy and Press Release Package.

We set him up with a small Micro-Site with all info linking to his main site and optimized for specific keywords. We then added a Professional Press Release linking back to his main site. Within about an hour of the Press Release being released it had 39 hits and was the 2nd on the 1st page of google. We then tied that into his site under his Press Release section which also helps with the page rank.

Orange Skye Day Spa, Red Bank

When Orange Skye Day & Wellness Spa first came to us it was the same story i hate hearing. There website was not searching, they did not have access to any of there files, words were misspelled, images were in the wrong places, the contact forms were not working, the site was full of broken links, nothing was tagged, and much more. Worse of all they could not get in touch with the developer, another common problem people face with some sites.

We helped Orange Skye build a website complete with Blogs, Comment Forms, Specials, Galleries, Google Tools, Maps, Micro-Sites, and much more. Not only that but now the spa can log on whenever they want and edit anything they want.

Once the site was done we started the marketing phase with them. The first press release we added to her package was for a mothers day event at the spa. The Press Release was linked directly to her site which was then linked to an entire package page on her site. The Release wound up getting 245 hits the first few weeks and coming up on top of google along with her website. There Press Releases after that did extremely well averaging well over 100’s of hits for each release resulting in driving traffic directly to there website.

This traffic can be generated from Professional Press Releases and our Micro-Site Strategy. Be sure that your website is working the way you want it to work. A website is like a car or even as crazy sounding as an animal. It needs attention, it needs to be tuned up and maintained from time to time.

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