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The More Content The Better?

The More Content The Better? SEO Talk
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Search engine optimization is complicated for a reason. Search engines do not want people figuring out how they function or how they work to rank websites. If everybody knew how they worked then people would manipulate them to reach the top of the search engine. Well, the truth it that people do know how search engines work and they do use tactics that try and wiggle there way to the top without really adding content to the site or using any real time or energy to make the site useful.

Search engines update there algorithms all the time because they know people figure out how they work so they have to change constantly. Despite this fact, people will always be able to outsmart there systems. The most important thing as that you remember what is important for a website. Why do you go to a website? Does it offer entertainment? Does it inform you about a topic that you are researching? Does it sell something you are looking for? These are the basic reasons why people go to websites and this is what you want to keep in mind.

This may surprise you but if you create a website that people will go to, you will have a good chance at beating your competition in search engine ranking. This is due to the fact that you will have many pages full of information that people and search engines love. All of this will help you increase your search engines ranking for your key words.

Another problem arises; there are many sites that know this and probably have created enough content on there site to satisfy the needs of everyone looking for there specialty. This is it get difficult. They are getting all the hits for there key words and you think you can come in and take away from there traffic. I will help you do this in a few simple steps that start with good content.

This is why you have to create many pages of good unique content. People love content and so do search engines. Creating more content will keep people coming back to see what you have written. If they like what they see over and over again, they will keep coming back.

How does this help your search engines ranking? This goes into on site SEO, which means the steps you take to optimize your website from the inside out. Every page of content will be indexed by search engines and each one will have its own title and tags. This is important to get searches for key words you want. The URL will also be very long because it will be an inner page of your website and it will have a very long string. You will be amazed at the traffic you will get from phrases that you have no idea existed.

You also have to think about how you link the pages together. Creating links have and will always be the way you increase your sites search engine ranking. For this reason you want to make sure your site is linked together well using good anchor text. If each page links to the other page or to the home page using key words that you want to optimize for, your site will gain ranking. If you get other websites to link to your inner pages, your other pages will share the page rank they gain with your home page.

Your website will become more valuable and it will get more traffic. Since you have all of the good content on your site, your visitors will be coming back again and again. All of your visitors will revisit your website. Your old visitors will come back often and your new visitors will come back again and again increasing your traffic from month to month.

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