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Social Media Holiday Marketing Tips

Maximize Social Media Ad performance

Help your business get discovered during the biggest shopping season of the year with Social Media Ad insights, ad recommendations and resources. Featuring a list of new Social Media Ad tools, these performance best practices can encourage more customers to shop—both during and after the holidays.

Social Media Holiday Marketing Tips

Reach high-intent holiday shoppers with an Advantage+ shopping campaign.
Show shoppers gifts they’re interested in with Advantage+ catalog ads.
Start holiday shopping conversations using a messaging campaign.
Create a connection between your conversions data and Meta.
Automatically optimize holiday campaign reach and creative.
Engage shoppers with festive and immersive videos.
Save your budget for high-volume sales days.

6 creative strategies to help turn discovery into sales.

Start taking photos and videos of your products early in September or October. Then, use our creative strategies to create compelling ads that convince customers to buy.

Tip #1 – Use a variety of product visuals
Help your products stand out by showcasing them in different ways. For example, feature them in a lifestyle shot or film a customer giving a testimonial.

Tip #2 – Explore different promotions
82% of holiday shoppers say they care about discount offers when making purchase decisions.10 Test different offers in your ads to see what works best for your audience, such as a percentage off versus a dollar amount.

Tip #3 – Feature urgency messaging
Grab attention with ad text that inspires shoppers to act fast, such as “only a few left” or “limited edition.”

Tip #4 – Promote holiday delivery options
Mention extra benefits such as guaranteed delivery by a specific holiday. Or, call out shipping cutoff dates to highlight urgency.

Tip #5 – Focus on customer values and emotions
Highlight details your customers care about, like an eco-friendly ingredient or homemade design. A recent Meta study found that product authenticity influenced holiday purchase decisions by 82%.11

Tip #6 – Be clear about next steps
Make sure your customers know exactly what action they need to take by using simple, direct messaging in your ad copy or button, such as “Chat with us to save on shipping” or “Order today for Christmas delivery.”

Tip #7 Bonus Tip – A/B Tests
Run A/B tests early in the season so you know which creative strategies work best by the time high-volume days arrive.

Recommendations to maintain momentum into 2024

Continue to capture holiday demand into 2024
Recommendation: Advantage+ shopping campaigns
Benefit: During late December and early January, purchase intent is still high and the time shoppers spend on Meta can be significantly longer. In fact: 41% of holiday shoppers surveyed agree that their shopping usually continues past the season8
Top tip: Continue running Advantage+ shopping campaigns through the new year to help maximize your sales.

Retarget holiday customers who visited your business.
Recommendation: Retargeting campaigns
Benefit: Many shoppers will continue showing interest in your business after the holidays, especially if you’re offering promotions or discounts. In fact: 82% of holiday shoppers say they care about discount offers when making purchase decisions.
Top tips: Create a lookalike audience based on website traffic information from the pixel dashboard. Run Advantage+ catalog ads, and let Meta AI create ads using images and details from your product catalog to show to interested shoppers. Run ads that click to message featuring a special offer or discount.

Capitalize on New Year’s resolutions to generate leads.
Recommendation: Lead ads with instant forms
Benefit: Costs per impression are often less expensive in January, so it’s typically more cost effective to reach customers with your lead ads during this time of year. There’s also less competition in the auction as big brands have left and shipping deadlines have passed.
Top tip: Lean into messaging that promotes self-gifting and self-improvements, while consumers are making resolutions for the new year.

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