Social Media Ads and A/B testing

Drive more efficient performance by adding Reels creative and placements

Reels offer limitless storytelling potential for any brand. Adding Reels creative to the existing business-as-usual creative mix in direct response campaigns, compared to campaigns with only business-as-usual creative, led to:

Social Media Ad Performance Tips and Tricks for agencies and clients

These best practices and advanced strategic tips can help increase performance and build a gateway for growth within your accounts. Explore Meta’s latest advanced Reels strategies and best practices to optimize ad results. Whether you have in-house creative or work with creative partners, find everything you need to level up your video ads.

Reels creative and placements

Studies show that advertisers can drive performance for less by adding Reels creative and placements to existing campaigns. Create more engagement and reduce costs for your clients with advanced strategies and best practices to help:

  • Capture and hold customer attention
  • Improve conversion lift and performance
  • Simplify your video creation for multiple clients
  • Reduce client ad costs and add value

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Run A/B tests to uncover winning ad strategies

Winning A/B tests decreased cost per result (CPR) by over 30% on average, compared to losing ads. Using A/B tests helps you gain deeper insights about strategies, assets and audiences that deliver the best results for your ads. Is your agency using these tactics on your ads?

When and how to use A/B testing

To understand what works best for your ads, A/B testing, and Meta’s measurement tools can help inform strategic decisions to help strengthen performance. Go beyond simply comparing the results of concurrent campaigns. With a well-structured A/B test, you can divide your audience into random, non-overlapping groups to help ensure your test is conducted fairly so that other factors don’t skew results.

Winning A/B tests decreased cost per result (CPR) by over 30% on average, compared to losing ads.1 Conducting an A/B test can help drive performance for clients and add value for your agency.

  • Learn which testing setup works best for each client
  • Scale learnings and insights for future improvements
  • Clarify short-term tactical decisions
  • Strengthen long-term strategic decision-making

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