Joseph Sernio: A Trailblazer Cultivating Modernization Using Traditional Strategies

Joseph Sernio: A Trailblazer Cultivating Modernization Using Traditional Strategies

Currently, when every single function and operation has been shaped by the segments of digitization, it is rare to come across industries and enterprises that tend to follow traditional business methods. Although modern business techniques offer improved benefits—such as streamlined operations, boosted revenue generation, swift communications—traditional business practices have been personifying business ethics and characteristics for a long time.

Introducing himself as an “old-school businessman”, Joseph Sernio (CEO and Founder of Shoreline Media ) asserts his affinity for following traditional business tactics. He loves regularly being at the office and reciprocating clients’ investments with appreciable gestures and benefiting business returns. After comprehending the potentials and possibilities of digital marketing to full extents, Joseph established his own company to offer the same to a wider set of people with a team of equally potent people possessing the same caliber and enthusiasm for digital marketing.

An Intriguing Journey

Joseph stepped into the world of business and marketing at a young age. His father undertook several jobs and taught him the benefits of pursuing something which he really wanted to work for. He began in the computer networking field and pursued his graduation and other technical degrees in Computer Networking from several reputed institutes.

Joseph Sernio: A Trailblazer Cultivating Modernization Using Traditional StrategiesJoseph was about 20 when his father passed away, which changed his outlook on his goals and ambitions. He began pondering and perceiving his goals and what he wanted to do in a different manner. At the age of 21, Joseph co-owned a restaurant which earned him several acclamations and led him into the entertainment industry. He was featured on various soap operas, television shows, and films. To date, he has been honored with several acting awards and honoree awards and now over 15 Web & SEO awards.

Meanwhile, Joseph found his love for the marketing aspect of the business and started getting involved in generating business through the web and traditional marketing styles. While pursuing an interest in acting, he started developing websites for his businesses and friends, which led him to the establishment of ‘what he now calls this monster’ Shoreline Media. Shoreline Media Marketing Solutions commenced with a 345-square foot office, with separate email that I handled all by myself. Billing, Support, etc. From that point, Joseph saw himself growing into a 6200 square feet office of a Digital Marketing Campus imbibed with an excellent team and group of clients—two of the foremost things to which Joseph accredits his entire success.

Quality Solutions for Digital Marketing

With the mission to supply the absolute best quality of Digital Marketing for all size businesses in all industries using the best tools and team an agency needs, Shoreline Media provides data-driven results to drive its strategies. It began as a web design and traditional marketing company. Upon comprehending the very capabilities of digital marketing, Joseph started helping his clients achieve organic SEO. The company remained updated on latest guidelines and always followed Google changes to accomplish major things using organic SEO.

Shoreline Media started offering digital marketing services to construct and expand its clients’ online presence using unique digitized strategies. With an aim to stand out from the pre-existing companies which he had already been a part of, Joseph strived to offer quality and trust to every single client—ultimately incorporating his aim as the mission of Shoreline Media. Shoreline Media operates on three essential factors, namely—Honesty, Quality, and Trust.

A ‘Go-Getter’

Joseph quotes himself as someone who will “not one to just sit back and relax or sit back and let work get done without me being involved.” Most of the clients have been working with Shoreline Media for years and Joseph ensures on reciprocating their trust. He ensures that he is regularly involved with all accounts, communicates with every single client, and leads by himself.

He adds, “There is no just sitting around or letting the company run itself. As a driving force and face of the company the department heads, CEO and team have to be front and center at all times.” As the driving force of the company, Joseph pays rigorous attention to all the company’s functions and operations. “Whichever business I own I do the same for all. Constant communication and the best in any type of service and most of all support.” he adds.

Evaluating and Executing Strengths

Joseph states that although the COVID-19 pandemic had a severe impact on the corporate world, it changed it in many ways. Being an old-school leader, he never had an office. He was in the office everyday and sat with the team in the “developer Den” or “War Room” prior to the pandemic. Now, they are all back at it in the office full-time. As he has an office now due to the upgrades and growth into the 6,000+ square foot space, he finds himself with the team 90% of the time. Why? Stressing on the company’s way of functioning, he states “If a client is spending massive marketing budgets every month that client wants to see faces in my conference room when we report to them. That client wants to know there is a team front and center when they need them. That is how this team thinks. That’s how this team works. That’s how this team will excel..”

Joseph believes in doing everything under his disposal to protect his team and clients from unnecessary external interference. He assures that although COVID-19 has changed several business operations in 2021, the challenges are not going to change the way Shoreline operates and his team supports the clients. “We want growth but most of all we want our clients to see growth. That takes a powerful team and there is no way we will let that go.”

Aspiring a Prolific Future

Shoreline Media strives to continue building its SEO team and Developers within the company. It is further planning to add more Paid Digital, Social, SEO, and outreach members to the team, as well as hire on the west coast to fill the west coast office. The company is in the final stages of completing their new proprietary software, LeadFlow ( a custom CRM and Marketing Automation platform to help close and nurture more leads. If clients have no CRM and no Marketing Automation 90% of the time they are losing a ton of leads. Some that do have a lead nurturing system in place use 14+ 3rd party vendors to do what one system can do. That’s what we created. One system to control all of your CRM, Automations, Lead Nurturing, Booking Calendars, Text Marketing, Email Marketing and so much more. The best part is that they do not have to pay thousands a month for it and we include this with our larger SEO plans.

Joseph’s Candid Views on Leadership

How has your leadership evolved over the course of time?

I think the younger generation who have been taught what work is and how to be a leader is in a good spot. I am an old-school kid from Jersey who was brought up on handshakes and hugs. For me, shaking hands is as good as written agreements. I lead my team but I also allow them to make decisions on their own so that they can learn. Not everyone will teach you all aspects of entrepreneurship. You need to accomplish quite a bit on your own. Leadership is built through failing and learning. That’s it. Fail then do it better. Fail until you learn.

What do you think is an important leadership quality?

Today, leaders face a lot of challenges. The younger generation lives in a completely different world than people my age grew up in. I did not do well in high school, but it was because I was always daydreaming of what I can build, what I can do, how I can make things better. So, when I look for the future of Shoreline, I look at the go-getters who want to work and prioritize getting jobs done. That is a leader I want next to me and that is what we have here. My team amazes me every day, and so do our clients. We have some amazing internship programs with several colleges including Monmouth University. It amazes me the talent that is out there. I love it. If you are hungry and focused you will get what you want.

What would you like to convey to aspiring leaders?

Don’t be scared to fail and give something your all if you are willing to work for it. Get the job done and do it again repeatedly. You will be amazed at what you can build. No one is going to teach you how to do it. You are going to teach yourself and it’s going to be amazing.

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