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Actor turned entrepreneur turned influential CEO, Joe Sernio has had a journey that many people would find extraordinary. For the last ten years, Mr. Sernio has found himself at the head of one of the most exceptional SEO firms offering a unique and optimized web and SEO strategy for businesses and franchises: Shoreline Media Marketing. As the company celebrates its tenth anniversary, we at CEO Monthly take the time to reflect on what makes Mr. Sernio one of the finest CEOs in the SEO business this year.

Best CEO in SEO Joe Sernio Shoreline Media Best SEO AgencyAs the world becomes increasingly digital and reliant on digital media to help engineer success for businesses and franchises everywhere, the need for optimized websites and digital marketing content is more prevalent than ever before. However, the need was perhaps not as great ten years ago, when Shoreline Media Marketing was founded by actor-turned-entrepreneur Joe Sernio. Mr. Sernio displayed exceptional vision to see where the world was heading and founded his company in 2010. He recognized that businesses work hard to get where they are, and it was time that digital marketing companies did the same for their clients. Thus, Shoreline Media Marketing was born.

Now celebrating its tenth anniversary of being in business, Shoreline Media Marketing creates online optimization plans based on each business and its unique structure. The ultimate goal of most businesses and franchises in the world today is growth, and that can be achieved to exceptional effect with the help of search engine optimization and strategies. Over the last ten years, Shoreline Media Marketing has helped clients to grow their online presence in ways that have proven to be hugely beneficial to the business as a whole.

Mr. Sernio’s insight and leadership have allowed Shoreline Media Marketing to position itself as one of the finest, industry-leading businesses working in digital marketing and search engine optimization strategies today. The tight-knit and knowledgeable team that Mr. Sernio has surrounded himself with strive to customize plans for each individual client’s particular audience, no matter what size or sector the company in question is. It can be pretty confusing for a new business owner to grasp the complexity of everything involved in web optimization and search engine optimization. That is where the expertise from Shoreline Media Marketing comes in.

From paid digital marketing, such as Google Adwords and Bing Ads, to social media and organic search engine optimization, there is no shortage of the wisdom and knowledge that Mr. Sernio and his team can impart upon clients. A key part of the excellence that Shoreline Media Marketing offers is that every employee understands how daunting the whole process can be for those who are new to it. Mr. Sernio has cultivated an atmosphere and an ethos of quality over quantity. Everybody strives to build relationships over partnerships. The company was built on a foundation of honesty, quality, and trust, and it has never wavered from those principles.

Perhaps nowhere is there a more clear example of how exceptionally well Mr. Sernio has performed as CEO of Shoreline Media Marketing than in the number of awards and top rankings the company has received over the last five years.

It has consistently been ranked amongst the top SEO agencies in the country by UpCity and TopSEOs, and it has also won awards for being the Best SEO Agency and Best Web Firm in 2016, 2017, and 2018.

Many businesses today will tell you that leads are vital to their business and the success of it. Whether those leads translate into actionable transactions, however, is where a great many organizations can struggle to stay afloat amongst the competition. Through careful brand management, exceptional digital marketing, and superb social media management, Shoreline Media Marketing can take those leads and transform them into something more.

With proven and award-winning strategies and an exceptional leader in the form of Mr. Sernio, Shoreline Media Marketing has become a force to be reckoned with in an industry that is only going to grow more popular and necessary over time.

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