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SafeinHome was started by a group of world-class innovators with a long history of developing cutting-edge medical devices and monitoring services that have saved thousands of lives and improved the health and well-being of millions more.

Founder and president Jack Lloyd pioneered the Nellcor pulse oximeter, that little clip nurses put on your finger in the hospital to measure your oxygen, now the standard in hospitals and clinics worldwide. He also invented an in-home monitoring system for critically ill heart failure patients and built a company with the largest base of home monitored patients in the US.

Along with his son and co-founder Tim Lloyd, Jack started SafeinHome to help solve another difficult problem – family caregiving. For 20 years, Tim created innovative software solutions for medical and home monitoring, as the software architect for Alere Medical and as president of his own software company. The SafeinHome founding team has several others who were instrumental in developing the Alere Medical monitoring system, now being used by more than 100,000 patients in their own homes every day.

As have so many of us, the SafeinHome founders have been through these family problems themselves. Because of this experience, they developed a new system to help others facing the same challenges.

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