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Furniture eCommerce Design and SEO

A professional and highly converting solution for one of the most competitive industries on the web! Shoreline took VersaDesk to a whole new level with an updated Design, New eCommerce Platform and an entirely new Digital Marketing Strategy including Organic, Google Adwords, Social Media Ads and Internal Marketing and lead Nurturing.

VersaDesk was in need of a complete overhaul on their website, eCommerce platform and overall Digital Strategy.

Being one of the most competitive industries Shoreline knew that the website had to not only attract but also convert visitors.

Before Shoreline they were experiencing an increasing bounce rate with very low conversions and a drop in online sales. With the help of the VersaDesk team and The Shoreline Team we were able to determine exactly what their website needed to enhance and customize their entire online store, Digital Strategy, and overall User Experience.

With the new design based off data collected we were able to implement the latest eCommerce solutions, high-end design and the best tools to help convert and sell more of their product online. With the newly created and customized Digital and SEO Strategy we incorporated, popups, special sale integrations, powerful online sales tools and custom integrations so that we saw higher conversions, and more sales.

The team then built a custom quote system that integrated with their HubSpot CRM which allowed their sales team to collect all leads looking for bulk quantity itmes. This helped enhance the overall online sales approach and Lead Generation approach.

What We Did

  • Professional & Custom Website Development
  • Use of all major logos including press on ABC, NBC, CBS, USA Today, Fox News, etc. Logos
  • Business Development and Digital Marketing Planning
  • Inbound Marketing and Lead Nurturing Integrations
  • Custom Quote System
  • Custom Wholesale System
  • Custom eCommerce Solutions
  • Enhanced Conversion Tools such as popups, coupon codes and more
  • Custom Checkout Solutions
  • National SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Complete Digital Strategy
  • Social Media Management
  • Enhanced Weekly Reporting
  • Call Tracking
  • Form Tracking
  • Enhanced Listings
  • Custom eCommerce Reporting
  • Enhanced Reputation Management

As Seen In Logos By Shoreline:

As Seen In Logos For Your Website Use ABC, NBC, Fox News, CBS Logos On Your WebsiteFurniture eCommerce SEO

About VersaDesk

VersaDesk – Creators of the Best Sit Stand Desk. The original push-button electric sit-to-stand desk riser and leader in standing desk solutions specializing in innovative designs since 2000, VersaDesk is committed to manufacturing the kind of ergonomic, user-friendly home and office furniture that will last a lifetime. From urgent needs to specialized project requirements, you can rest assured in the pride we take in providing the most innovative products. We offer competitive prices with the most professional, courteous, and prompt customer service in the industry!

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