Frontier Firewood

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Frontier Firewood was naturally born from our tree service, Frontier Tree Company. We have a passion for trees and wanted to find other uses for the wood we removed from our tree service jobs rather than simply dumping it. Our logs do not come from land clearing companies, but rather local jobs throughout New Jersey where trees had to be removed for safety reasons.

Frontier Firewood

Quality. Our firewood is kiln dried, which means it goes through a heat drying process in a specialized kiln to remove moisture. Less moisture makes it significantly easier to light your firewood, and it will produce more heat, and less smoke. Additionally, the heat drying process gets rid of insects and pathogens and reduces the amount of creosote chemicals in the wood. Because we kiln dry our wood, you can expect the same product each order. We are able to monitor the temperature and moisture content of our firewood within our kiln, ensuring that each batch is consistent of the same quality. We are also able to produce our firewood on demand by having the ability to dry our firewood within 36 hours. While other companies run out of their seasoned wood from last year in the middle of winter, you can count on us to have firewood in stock and ready to go.

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