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Solution Prep was in need of a professional looking design and easy to navigate website for their growing College Admissions and Tutoring company. Opening their 4th location Solution Prep was in need of a site that not only helped minimize the checkout process but a site that worked across all platforms and converted.

Before Shoreline they were experiencing an increasing bounce rate with very low conversions. With the help of Solutions Preps team and The Shoreline Team we were able to determine exactly what Solution Prep was looking for and what they needed to enhance and customize their entire Digital Strategy and User Experience. With the new design and overall strategy we are now able to track every conversion point, call, form submissions and view overall movement from users throughout the site. By doing this we can study the data and enhance both the Digital Efforts and conversion points as needed.

The eCommerce solution allows students to purchase and signup for their Tutoring and Prep courses right online. The new Student Portal will allow students to view grades, documents, course info and more.

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New Jersey’s most comprehensive and uniquely tailored SAT/ACT & College Prep program. Solution Prep effectively integrates strategies every student has to learn with the specific content. Eric has been teaching the SAT and ACT and providing college counseling since 1998. He has a degree in Music and is a financial aid expert. He contributed to the bestsellers, Cracking the SAT, Crash Course for the SAT, and 11 Practice Tests for the SAT & PSAT. He once broke a toe playing laser-tag: when they say, “no running,” they mean it.

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