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About Midnight Candle

After a ten year hiatus, Matt Dates is proud and excited to be rekindling Midnight Candle Company with a like-minded partner, Christine Newby. Matt spent the last ten years pursuing other ventures and interests, but nothing quite matched the rewards that were found in creating and being part of a business that was born out of a hobby. Christine has spent time dabbling in a variety of fields. She is most excited to help Matt expand what he started in 1995 with an even stronger focus on helping local organizations achieve their fundraising goals.

When deciding on a name for the business, Midnight Candle jumped out to Matt as both cool and appropriate. Since pouring candles is a two step process, he found himself working through midnight almost all the time. The name Midnight Candle just simply fit.

After establishing the company name, incorporating the moon and a candle was an easy decision. It occurred to Matt that one of the phases of the moon is a waxing crescent. The wax was the first awesome thing Matt noticed in this, but later he also realized that “scent” ended the word “crescent.” Behold! The WAX(ing) (cre)SCENT of Midnight Candle Company!

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