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Vinyl Swingsets Direct was a brand new site from the ground up. We developed a custom eCommerce platforms and custom API integrations to help monitor inventory, shipping and more. The site also has a customized dealer portal where dealers can login and receive special pricing. From the start of the project we knew what the client wanted & needed and delivered exactly that with a customized monthly Organic approach and more.

About Vinyl Swingsets Direct

For over 20 years, we have been selling vinyl playsets and bringing countless hours of enjoyment to children all across the nation. Our family-owned and operated business based in Lancaster County, PA is committed to creating safe and durable playsets for your children or grandchildren.

Studies show that playing outside is crucial to a child’s healthy brain and body development. Outdoor play activates the frontal cortex which is responsible for controlling emotions and problem solving. The experience of playing forces the brain to make neurotransmitter connections that are essential to a child’s development.

The benefits that play has on the body are also undeniably fundamental. Increasing core muscles, refining small motor skills, and increased coordination are just a few ways that play is beneficial to a child’s growing body. Additionally, it has been found that attention spans are increased, sensory skills are improved, and better immunity is built! At Vinyl Swing Sets Direct, our goal is to build fine quality, affordable playsets to help your child reap all those benefits.

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