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About Huck Products

In 2003 we started designing and making upgraded replacement parts for the different models of Total Gym®. We found that the Total Gym® is a great way to exercise and decided to make performance parts especially for the serious Total Gym users. We started in Melbourne Florida using a local machine shop for fabrication. In 2006 we moved to Tennessee, purchased 4 1/2 acres of land and built a 3000 SQ FT shop. We also purchased our first Hardinge lathe and started making the parts ourselves. Since then we purchased our second more capable Hardinge lathe which has a sub-spindle and can machine both sides of a part in one operation. We specialize in making the parts that usually fail like the wheels, cables, handles, foot harnesses, and that sort of part. Our goal is to keep the fleet of Total Gyms operating better than they did when new.

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