Pest Control Marketing Tips

Pest Control Marketing Tips

Pest control companies are one of the best companies suited for digital marketing efforts. Pest problems are seasonal, allowing for year-round unique marketing opportunities. They seem like emergencies to your customers, but do not require 24/7 response times like some emergency services.

You are also able to appeal to people who want information and can use a persuasive marketing strategy to get customers to try your company instead of taking a DIY approach, which typically ends poorly. By positioning yourself well, you can take advantage of all of the opportunities you get from the field.

Pest Control Marketing Tips

First, you want to optimize your website. Is it informative, intuitive, and easy-to-use? Does it work well on mobile devices, as well as desktops? Does it compare well to the local competition?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, then you want to spend time fixing your website before you focus on your digital marketing strategy. It is not enough to drive customers to your website; you want them to sign up for your services once they find you. A confusing or difficult to use website will lose you customers as many users don’t want to dig to find what they need.

While you are structuring your website, you want to think about what your customers want. As a pest control company, you are going to need high quality images of pests, even if they are not the most appealing thing to look at. If someone is googling roaches, you want to show them the different types of roaches they could have. Add in some videos that show how many roaches can be hiding in dark places and then show them why hiring a professional, like yourselves, is a better choice than a DIY approach.

However, you also want to add content that helps your potential customers to learn more about what they are seeing in their homes, businesses, etc. Think about videos that show people great ways to reduce pests. They can help establish you as an expert and become prime leads for future sales.

Next, you want to work on local marketing. You can handle that in a number of ways. Local SEO marketing and pay-to-click advertising can help you find customers in your area. You also want to focus on your social media presence. You can use it for paid advertising, but it also makes it easy for customers to share your information with people seeking local pest control services.

Keep seasonal pests in mind. We always suggest that people use content marketing on their websites. Regular blogs help boost your Google rankings, but they also establish you as an area expert. Pests are seasonal. For example, we expect rodents to head inside in the winter, while fleas and ticks are a spring and summer problem. The seasonal nature of pests helps provide plenty of material for regular blogs.

You also want to keep up with any unusual pest problems. Australia’s mouse plague and the rat problems that came during the COVID-19 pandemic are examples of unusual pest problems, which provided great material for local pest control blog posts.

Finally, work with a great marketing company. At Shoreline Media Marketing, we have plenty of experience helping pest control companies market their services to their local customers. We handle all aspects of marketing, from perfecting your website to targeted advertising for potential customers. Contact us today to find out more.

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