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Organic Search in the Midst of the Global Economic Crisis

Never Stop The Organic

While there is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a global economic crisis, there are a lot of questions about how this crisis will impact individuals and business owners. The World Bank is forecasting a recession and that it will be the most significant one in decades, which may make it a depression. This is expected to create lower investment and also impact the available human capital for business. However, because the problem is known, most countries are taking steps to try to mitigate the impact on the economy which makes forecasting the long-term impact difficult.

What we know right now is that people’s habits are changing. Much of the world has transitioned from in-person to remote activities, wherever that is possible. This means that people are working and attending school remotely. It also means that many people are doing the majority of their shopping online, including things that were still dominated by brick-and-mortar shops pre-pandemic, such as groceries.

Uncertainty Is Not Forever

Spending more time online is likely to increase website browsing and the “going down a rabbit hole” behavior that so many people engage in when they are on the internet. For many websites, this is going to increase the number of visitors that they get but may not increase conversion rates. For paid advertising, that scenario can be disastrous since visits that do not result in conversions are a drain on advertising dollars. However, in organic search, properly constructed SEO text for websites may be able to increase visitors and customers, even in a time of aimless web wandering.

The important thing to keep in mind is that, while the pandemic is dominating the world economy at this time, I think we all know and hope that this is not going to last forever. Keeping your business functional during the pandemic may not be enough for it to survive after the pandemic. That is why you want to take the opportunity to keep your business relevant to consumers, even if your business is in an industry that has been hard-hit by the economic downturn.

We have witnessed so many businesses, both large and small stop their Digital Marketing and now can’t get back to where they were. Pausing any type of SEO is never a good idea. Organic leads are quality leads. People actually researching not just clicking on the first ad they see. Your site needs to be front and center for all of your top searching keywords.

In March Search Engine Land wrote a great piece of content on “5 Completely Sane Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Stop SEO Efforts During COVID-19” A great article with some amazing information on why Organic SEO is so important. Read the article Here.

Use This Time To Your Advantage

Increasing the amount of free content you offer to your customers is a great way to help draw more views. For example, if you own an amusement facility like an escape room, you have undoubtedly seen a dramatic decline in the number of customers patronizing your business. However, there has been a huge increase in demand for at-home entertainment. Develop free entertainment that is tied to your business and build goodwill that will last after the pandemic. You can also use that free content as the hook to get people to your page, where you can market the safe for-profit activities, goods, or services that you can offer at this time. Just like Fitness centers went virtual you can too. Remember, anything can be built into the web. Add a Marketing Strategy to that and you are increasing traffic, leads, and profit.

We are absolutely not going to downplay the tremendous impact of the global economic crisis on people. Real people are really suffering because of it. However, we are going to let you know that we feel confident that we can develop personalized strategies to help our customers harness some of the resulting digital changes to help them meet their long-term business goals.



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