Onboarding Checklist

The Shoreline Media Marketing Website Design and SEO Process

Setting Your Project Up For Success

No matter the size of your company, the task of understanding web development and designing an SEO strategy can feel daunting, to say the least.

At Shoreline, our on-boarding process makes it easy. Whether you’re transitioning over from another agency or perhaps are in the beginning stages of development, we couple detailed plans and analysis with years of expertise and ingenuity to ensure that your online experience is organized, efficient, and effective.

We begin with an overall analysis of objectives, and custom-build an SEO plan tailored uniquely to your goals. By harnessing your strengths and improving your weaknesses, we identify and perfect a plan to accelerate growth, boost sales, and of course, generate leads.

Onboarding Checklist

  • 1Prep Time: 2-3 Days

    Onboarding – Becoming Part of The Family

    A lot goes into the onboarding process of building a new website and designing an SEO campaign!

    By this time, your proposal has been completed and you’ve had your first kick-off call with our team. Now, it’s time for us to collect all of the assets we’ll need to access, monitor, and track your site and campaign. Not only will the information we gather ensure proper connections and comprehensive reports, but it will allow us to create and organize a list of logins for all accounts. Among others, these will include:

    • Google Analytics
    • Google My Business
    • Google Search Console
    • Bing Webmaster Tools
    • Bing Maps
    • Apple Maps (If any)
    • Domain Administrator Access
    • Website Hosting Access
    • Social Media Profile Access
    • Website Administrator Access (WordPress, etc.)
    • Any Local Directories (Yelp, etc.)
  • 2Prep Time: 1 Day

    Competitor Analysis & Keyword Research

    Competitor Analysis

    In marketing and strategic management, competitor analysis is an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors. When done correctly, this analysis fosters both an offensive and defensive strategic context within which to identify opportunities and threats in your niche. At Shoreline, we use this data to build your optimal online strategy.

    Keyword Research

    An integral part of your online strategy, our team will conduct extensive keyword research to design the best SEO plan for your business. A thorough investigation of both short- and long-tail keywords will allow us to optimize your online strategy, and prioritize keywords for a versatile range of content and headings across your site. Access to monthly reports will provide you with real-time observation of our chosen keywords, including their positioning and effectiveness. In this report, you can expect:

    • Full Competitor Analysis
    • Full Keyword Research Report
  • 3Prep Time: 1 Day

    Tracking Source Implementation

    Tracking Source Setup (Google Tag Manager)

    Optimization is all well and good, but will serve little purpose if not tracked for efficacy. By installing scripts within your pages’ code, Shoreline will trace all traffic across your site, from organic clicks and Google Adwords to Facebook Ads, social mentions, and third party sources. Committed not just to quantity, but to the quality of leads, this in-depth analysis allows us to cull the best leads for your business.

    Call Tracking Setup

    In addition to traffic, call tracking plays a critical role in tracking leads on your site. At Shoreline, we use only the latest technology to implement tracking parameters, allowing us to identify not only the source keyword of your lead but whether it was organic, paid, or social in origin. Redirects ensure that you’ll never miss a call, while recording functionality means no vital information falls through the cracks. As always, this data will flow effortlessly into the dashboard, integrating with all reports as necessary.

    Google Adwords / Social Media Conversion Tracking

    All Google Adwords accounts and social media campaigns will benefit from our integrated tracking system.

    Google Analytics and Goal Setup

    Form submissions and phone calls often form the basis of your site’s lead generation, and will be linked to analytic scripts as required. Common parameters in this process include:

    • Google Tag Manager
    • Google Analytics
    • Call Tracking Scripts
    • Facebook/Social Media Scripts
    • Form Tracking Scripts
    • Google Search Console
    • Conversion Tracking Plugin
  • 4Prep Time: 1-2 Days

    Workflow & Lead Flow Management

    Landing Page and Form Placement

    Whether service, internal, or the Homepage, Shoreline will establish the proper landing pages and form placement for maximum leads and conversions.

    Where customers come from is just as important as what they are doing. Throughout the SEO process, we will utilize heatmaps to determine where your most profitable leads originate. Not only will we target hotspots accordingly, but we will redesign our online strategy in real-time, engaging clients and activating calls-to-action where they will be most effective.

    Website Forms & Form Submissions

    In the process of lead generation, it is extremely important that forms function correctly and admin emails are directed properly. At Shoreline, we believe that simplicity is key to visitor retention, and our forms are short, sweet, and simple to reflect this ideal.

    Lead Type

    We may be the experts, but it’s your business! From organic leads to Google Adwords, we will customize a lead optimization strategy tailored to your specific goals, making sure to always keep you in the loop of any strategical developments.

    Conversion Data Plugin

    Shoreline’s custom data conversion plugin will deliver valuable data to admins whenever a form is submitted. As an owner, you will be able to see everything from page and source keyword to the user’s IP address and referral source.

    Lead Delivery

    So where exactly do form submissions go?

    • Review Landing Page Form Placement
    • Make Necessary Changes
    • Edit Website Forms Including TO Emails, etc.
    • Create Lead Types
    • Create Tracking Goals
    • Add Conversion Data Plugin
    • Review Lead Delivery Steps, CRM, API, Etc.

    Call Tracking Delivery

    A crucial component to Lead Flow, call tracking must be properly placed and installed in order to effectively collect (and convert!) leads. At Shoreline, we harness the power of both on- and off-site tracking, from traditional print ads to marketing, mail, magazines, and more! Our main sources of call tracking include:

    • Google Organic – Anyone that comes from an Organic Google Search will see the Organic phone number.
    • Google Adwords – Anyone coming from an Adwords ad to the website will see the Adwords phone number.
    • Call Extension – Anyone clicking an Ad and NOT delivered to the website will call this number.
    • Facebook Ads – Anyone that comes from a Facebook Ad will see the Facebook Ad phone number.

    Keyword Tracking Setup

    Like most aspect of Search Engine Optimization, it is the integration of data that ultimately informs your success. As it pertains to lead conversion, Keyword Call Tracking and Keyword Spotting allow us to configure keywords according to their call tracking efficiency.

    Call Routing & Notifications

    Like leads, we don’t want a single call to be dropped! From missed lines to those that come in after hours, our notification system ensures that no call goes unnoticed.

    • Connect All Accounts
    • Purchase Call Tracking Numbers Needed
    • Connect Analytics and Call Tracking
    • Setup Call Tracking Keywords
    • Setup Routing If Needed
    • Setup All Client Notifications
  • 5Prep Time: TBD

    Internal & Inbound Lead Management & Automation

    What Are You Doing With Your Leads? | Inbound & Internal Lead Management

    Follow-Up is key! At Shoreline, we know that it takes more than printing out a lead on paper to convert it into a sale. From first contact to final sale, we make sure that your lead management strategy is optimized for internal efficiency, productivity, and flow.

    CRM – Customer Relationship Management – Install Integration

    The 21st century may be based on technology, but there’s no replacement for the value of human connection. At Shoreline, we believe that a comprehensive Customer Relation Management system [CRM], is the backbone to your business, integrating everything from API connections to lead submissions. With a variety of robust platforms to choose from, your customized CRM will ensure a vigorous marketing scheme, both inbound and out.

    Marketing Automation

    Marketing Automation refers to software platforms and technologies designed for organizations/departments to effectively market across multiple online channels, and to streamline repetitive tasks with automated emails.

    Marketing Automation – Install Integration

    Combined with your CRM, marketing automation will help you to keep in touch with all of your leads on a regular basis. Schedule automations, design notifications, and keep on top of the one thing that customers crave most – connection!

    Marketing Automation Tracking – Install Tracking Links & Numbers

    Track clicks and calls from within automated emails to hone your audience and target potential customers. By measuring the conversion of leads to sales, we will redesign your marketing strategy and integrate it into your workflow for ultimate productivity.

    • Are You Using a CRM?
    • Can We Integrate Forms With Your CRM
    • Can We Integrate Calls With Your CRM
    • CRM Integration
    • Are You Using Marketing Automation
    • Can We Track Marketing Automation
    • Marketing Automation Integration/Tracking

    Stay up-to-date with our range of premier CRM and Marketing Automation platforms. Re-market, re-send, and re-sell!


    Smart-tech automation with systems like Hubspot and Zoho make successful inbound marketing attainable. Efficient workflows combine context with content, triggering emails and internal tasks based on prospective actions such as blog subscriptions and e-book downloads.


    Threading allows contacts to receive sequenced emails in a single thread, rather than as separate conversations for each email. Your contacts will see your emails in context, allowing them to view all interactions in one place.

    • Organization & Setup
    • Cpntact Setup
    • Workflow Setup
    • Automation Setup
    • Sequence Setup

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