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The All New Google My Business Is Here

If you know Shoreline you know we LOVE Google My Business! The tools, functions, and information they allow your business to present are amazing and the Optimization they allow us agencies to optimize on your listing is even better.

The All New Google My Business Is Here

The brand new Google My Business dashboard is here and people are excited about the new features. Many influential marketers got their hands on the new dashboard about a month ago, and now Google is making it available to other people on…a random basis. Here’s a screenshot of the new Dashboard.

Google My Business Google Maps Professionals

The new Google My Business dashboard boasts many improved features such as:

All users regardless of their size will be using the same interface. It means that you will no longer have to switch between the card and list view.
The new dashboard is easy to navigate, allowing you to view and edit your listings within the same window.

You can now find the posts and insights directly on the side navigation panel.

This one is big. Now adding more listings will not affect the loading speed of the page.

Not sure if you have the latest version of the dashboard? Log in to your account and check if there’s a “Black to Classic GMB” option in the left side navigation menu.

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