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The Launch Of Our Conversational AI Booking System

Shoreline Media and ShorelineCRM Launch Conversational AI Booking System

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AI Conversational Appointment Booking

We can’t talk about automation and follow-up lead nurture campaigns without mentioning the new conversational appointment booking system. You can have the ShorelineCRM system book an appointment for you via text so your possible client/customers do not have to wait for a contact form response.

How Does The Conversational AI Booking System Work?

The user submits a form or a chat form on your site.

The user then gets an auto reply from the site letting them know the email has been received and someone will get back to them.

The Conversational AI tool then uses the phone number that the user submitted to send a text to the user letting them know that they can easily schedule or book an appointment now rather than waiting for a response.

If the user types yes the Booking Agent will help schedule the appointment with your scheduled times available (This uses the calendar info from your account). If the users says no the booking agent will simply say thank you and let them know to expect a response soon.

Built on Googles Dialogue Pro Technology, this tool is an amazing addition to any Lead Nurturing and Marketing Automation campaign.

Try The Demo

Visit the link below and submit your information through the chat form to the bottom right of your screen.

You can enter your information and correct phone number to see how the system works. Your information will not be saved, used for email lists, etc. This is strictly a test platform.

Click Here To Try The Demo






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