How to Laser Target New Customers

How to Laser Target New Customers

How to Laser Target New Customers

Having a great business, top-notch expertise, and excellent services are crucial…but so are finding the clients in need of your help.

This is something that every business owner struggles with, and this is a question that our agency has been tackling for clients for years now.

And…because we’ve been handling this problem for so long…we know exactly how to solve it. We’ve decided to explain the most important steps in this free guide to help you deploy the most efficient marketing strategies for your business and close more sales.

Profile Your Audience

Before you are able to target prospects who need your help right now, it is helpful to understand the two different groups who will engage with your brand online: passive prospects and active searchers.

Passive prospects are people who have a passive interest in your services. For example, imagine you own a dental practice in Tucson. If I just moved into town and am due for a cleaning, I might have an awareness in the back of my mind about finding a dentist. If I see an ad for your practice, this might activate my need for a dentist, and you might convert me, a passive prospect, into a customer. Got it?

Active searchers, on the other hand, are people on the internet who are currently in need of your exact services. Let’s continue with the dental practice example. If I fall and chip my tooth, I would likely use Google to research “emergency dental appointment in Tucson.” If your dental practice appears when I search these terms, and I choose you over your competitors, then you have succeeded in targeting active searchers. Make sense?

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