HVAC Marketing Tips

HVAC Marketing Tips

It’s no secret that HVAC companies are part of a very competitive industry. A great digital marketing campaign can help you stand out, and in many cases, is almost imperative to do so. A digital marketing campaign lets you reach new customers, remind new customers of seasonal services and sales, and grow your business. Here are some tips for a successful digital marketing campaign.

First, you need to know how you stack up against the competition. How is your business doing? How does it compare to other HVAC businesses in your area? To get these answers you’ll need to ask yourself a few other questions first, via a competitive analysis. What are the strengths and weaknesses of your website? What opportunities are present? Are your current customers happy with your web-based services? A crucial part of your analysis is going to be looking at your security; HTTPS not only increases consumer confidence, but it can also increase your rankings. we’re going to break it down into a few key components.

HVAC Marketing Tips

Websites: It is important to note that the majority of your customers will be accessing your website through a mobile device rather than a computer. However, if you are not optimized for mobile phones, your website will appear differently and won’t perform as well on these devices. You need to make sure your mobile version has the same functionality as your desktop version. This will be beneficial – especially because Google favors mobile-friendly sites.

Social media: Social media can help your company skyrocket. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have the potential to drive tons of business to your site. You know you can use your social media presence to target advertising, but it is also a great way to increase customer engagement. Social media makes getting reviews easy and lets customers tag you for other potential users.

Content marketing: Content marketing, usually in the form of blogs, is a subtle way to sell to potential customers. HVAC companies can create blogs about questions customers may have such as ‘increasing AC efficiency’, ‘DIY maintenance’, ‘seasonal maintenance’, and ‘how to know when you need a new AC’. By establishing yourself as an expert it makes it more likely for those same customers to come to you when they need service, repairs, or a new unit. This content should include (but not be limited to) video content. People love the convenience of watching a video for information, so plan on making a few videos that consumers can use such as, “How to change your air filter”, “what to do if your AC is frozen”, or “How to clean the exterior fins on your AC unit”. All of these are simple ways to establish credibility and make yourself a name that pops into consumers’ minds when they are in need of an HVAC Company.

All things said and done, sometimes you really just need an expert. The best way to optimize your marketing is to work with a media marketing company with a proven record in HVAC marketing. Shoreline Media Marketing works with a variety of HVAC companies in different areas of the country.

We craft local campaigns aimed at helping our HVAC customers increase their market share and build their businesses. Contact us today to find out more.

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