How will you create traffic to my website?

How will you create traffic to my website?

There are countless ways to do this, including:

  • SEO & Organic search engine listing ranking (in which your site comes up at the top of the non-sponsored listings on a search engine by having keyword rich descriptions in the page title and page desciption meta tags and then optimizing each page for no more than 3 keywords in the first 250 words on a page)
  • Well-written email newsletter that is published on a regular basis
  • Submission of articles on topics related to your target market to article submission directories
  • Regularly post entries to a blog aimed at your target market, full of content discussing issues related to that target market
  • Series of podcasts containing interview with experts of interest to your target market
  • Ongoing series of Press Releases containing value-added content for your target market linking everything to your main website
  • Landing pages introducing your company on a totally different domain and platform than your website. All links from the Landing page link right back to your main website
  • Submission of online Sitemaps
  • Exchange relevant links with others in different industries with the same target market.


Social Media
Social Media is another way to drive traffic and promote your business or web. Do this through facebook, twitter, linkedin, and other social media sites. We can connect all of your social media sites to your website, and your website to your social media sites so they all talk to one another. Have your website post to facebook, twitter, and have there feeds come into your website.

Content & Tracking
Control all of your content with a simple user name and password. Its your website which means its your material. Most websites you have to email or fill out forms to have someone else update something as simple as an address, or a misspelled word. With the top of the line platforms that we use you can control, edit, and add anything anytime from any place. Once you hit submit the changes take place right away.

Tracking and Content Management is most important for you and control of your company information on your website. Be able to edit, add, create, delete, or upload anything on your website from anywhere or any computer you are using. Tracking your hits and clicks on your website are even more important to compare where visitors are going on your site. Get weekly stats and comparisons emailed to you of all your tracking for

QR Code Marketing
Qr Code Marketing is another great way to market your site and services. Let’s say your at a trade show, have a booth setup and a networking event, have ads out in papers, or even have a waiting area in your office. You can get a QR code and have customers that have a smart phone and scanner app simply scan the code and it will bring them directly to your website on there phone. Have your QR Codes available in print ads, flyers, and anywhere you advertise. Click Here to read more about QR Code Marketing

There are more ways that shoreline can help drive the traffic. Get a free quote today and let us help you. Click Here To Contact Shoreline Media

Unique Content
Having your own unique content written is key to getting more noticed on the web as well as moving up in search.

Blogging is the biggest form of content generation on the web. Whether it is tips, tricks, specials or events you can blog about it all. Using your own unique content and tying it into your own personal or business blog will help with your organic search engine marketing.

To conduct a successful Internet marketing campaign, you need to integrate your plan into the overall marketing plan/business vision that you have for your service business. Some businesses will thrive off Internet marketing alone; however, for most, Internet marketing simply complements and enhances your offline marketing strategies.

Besides the website itself we make sure that the site has complete SEO and tagging within it. Below are some articles that might help you understand, as well as show you some of the add-ons we put on to your site.


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