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Up and down the East Coast, constant shifts in the weather make landscaping a volatile business. At Shoreline Media Marketing, we understand the perennial struggle that land and hardscapers endure, and we are excited to offer custom online strategies to ensure that your company grows all year long.

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Front and center for the world to see, your work as a landscaper speaks for itself. Unfortunately, your name is rarely written across it, making the loss of potential customers as heavy as the foot traffic that carries them. Thankfully, the team at Shoreline understands how precarious the seasonal business can be, and we are happy to design unique ways to showcase your best work online no matter the time of year.

    Instead of losing business on foot, Shoreline will ensure that you get traffic online. Lifelong residents of New Jersey, a partnership with us is a partnership with honesty, quality, and trust: characteristics that your own loyal base has come to rely on. Because we understand the nature of the East Coast, we respect how hard you’ve had to work to keep your head above the water.

    From manicured lawns to outdoor fireplaces, your clientele is apt to have a laundry list of services for you to provide. At Shoreline Media Marketing, our first step in optimization is a comprehensive campaign of keyword research, allowing us to collate a thorough analysis of your audience’s unique needs. By doing this, we are able to customize a digital marketing strategy that combines user intent with your own strengths as a business. In this way, everything from organic lead conversion to ad retargeting will be optimally designed to boost engagement, drive sales, and promote your brand’s reputation.

    To learn more about Shoreline’s unique approach on how we help Landscape Companies with their Marketing, Web Design, Digital Marketing, SEO, Data Analytic Tracking, Social Media, and more, contact us today.

    Landscape Search Engine Optimization Services

    • On-Page Content Analysis

      Our dedicated SEO teams analyze every page on your website for optimal performance. When necessary, we create or update content to ensure that the page ranks as highly as possible. We may suggest additional features, elements or updates to the layout of a particular page to better turn visitors into leads.
    • Optimized Business Listings

      Shoreline manages your business listings to ensure that your business information, map listing, profile images, logos and categories are properly aligned to drive traffic and accurately represent your business. Our client platforms also track the calls, leads and visits to your listings.
    • Local SEO That Drives Leads

      We focus on data-driven keywords to drive relevant traffic to your business or businesses. Local SEO services are designed to improve local search ranking for potential customers in your area. Our reputation management services help you maintain a positive image across the most popular platforms.
    • National / Regional SEO Services

      Our dedicated search engine optimization services are proven to deliver results on both a national and local level. Choose a package that is suitable for your budget to get started,
    • Tracking and Reporting

      Our enhanced customer portal allows you access to data and insights into your audience’s growth and ROI. Our detailed reporting tools track every form submission, phone call and lead that comes in from your web presence giving you the insights to improve your business and get a leg up on your competitors.

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