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Helping All Medical Practices Secure Data

HIPAA Compliant Website Forms

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) is a federal law that established national standards for the protection of patient health information. HIPAA prohibits healthcare providers from disclosing a patient’s healthcare information without the patient’s consent or knowledge and it governs even accidental disclosures of this information. This is known as the Privacy Rule. Most people and organizations in healthcare are covered by the Privacy rule, including healthcare providers, health plans, healthcare clearinghouses, and business associates of these other entities.

While the Privacy Rule is an invaluable asset in protecting an individual’s healthcare information, it can create a burdensome challenge, not just for healthcare providers, but also for patients seeking access to healthcare services. For example, it is a significant timesaver for healthcare providers to collect patient information over the internet before a patient comes into the office for a visit. Not only does it reduce in-office waiting time, but it gives patients the opportunity to fill in forms where they have access to their healthcare information, a crucial step that can lead to more accurate healthcare information reporting. Note: HIPAA Compliant forms will NOT send all submitted information directly to you. You will have to view private information via password.

Gathering Form Data

Is Important For Any Practice

Securing That Data is crutial

HIPAA Patient Forms

It is critical for healthcare providers to use HIPAA compliant forms to collect patient information. Shoreline Media Marketing can help your business develop the forms you need, targeting the information you need to best help your patients while ensuring HIPAA compliance. The first step is data security. It does not matter what your forms look like if the data you collect is not secured. Shoreline Media Marketing works with the top security providers in the business to ensure that all of your internet transactions are safe and secure, and we implement this high degree of security in your medical forms, as well.

    Protecting Important Data

    People also want forms that they can safely use in multiple formats. By ensuring that forms are mobile-friendly, you greatly increase the chances that your patients will fill in the forms prior to an appointment, saving you time and money in your office procedures.

    Flexibility is also important. Different practices need different types of information. You can use forms to collect data on new patients, get updated patient information, collect insurance information, collect electronic signatures, handle patient follow-ups, or even give patient satisfaction surveys. Want to find out more about how Shoreline Media Marketing can develop the HIPAA compliant forms your business needs? Contact us today for a detailed assessment of your business.

    HIPAA Compliant Websites

    • Responsive Design

      With Shoreline, your custom website development will look great across all devices. Our team of experts are focused on delivering the best possible experience for all users, regardless of screen size.

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      We work with our clients to incorporate their design needs within modern, user-friendly layouts that are built to turn a casual click into a customer for life.

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      When you choose Shoreline, you are choosing to work with a proven team of experts dedicated to delivering results for your business.

    • Custom Secure Forms

      All of your forms on the site will be fully seure and match HIPAA requirements.

    • Secure Integrations

      Your website should seamlessly share information and data with exisiting CRMs, and other third-party platforms that your business uses. Our development team works with you to ensure that the correct information is being sent to the right place.

    • Tracking and Reporting

      Our analytics services works with your existing analytics accounts to track and report important conversions for your business whether it comes from your website, business listings or social networks.

    HIPAA Compliant Websites

    Helping All Medical Practices Secure Data

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    • Dentists

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    • Chiriopractors

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