Google small business attributes Tips and Tricks

Google small business attributes

Highlight Your Small Business Status Across Google

84% of people say supporting local and/or small businesses is important to them. Google will be showcasing businesses like yours with a new small business annotation, helping you connect with more customers across Google.

How GMB Attributes Work

Google is adding a new small business attribute on your Business Profile, which customers will see when your business is displayed on Search and Maps.
Customers will also be able to filter their search results to find small businesses like yours. This new attribute will automatically appear for some businesses based on Google’s understanding of how many products they sell, the number of locations they have, or how much web traffic they get.

Share & Select Your Business Identity Attributes

To inform customers about the identity of your business on Search and Maps, use the business identity attributes in Google Business Profile.

Your business identity attributes set you apart from other businesses, which creates a connection between you and your customers.

Some attributes are only available in certain countries or regions, or to certain categories of businesses. To better match the ways that people search for businesses, attribute names may change over time.

You can choose attributes such as Asian-owned, Black-owned, Latino-owned, LGBTQ+-owned, Veteran-Owned, and many more.

Google GMB Attribute Tips

You can choose multiple attributes at the same time.
Small businesses shouldn’t be a franchise and should have an annual revenue of less than $10 million. Your business may automatically be opted-in as a small business based on various signals. If you believe you meet the criteria as a small business and are interested in this new feature, you can choose to opt-in or opt-out at any time.


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