Google Merchant Center Shopping insights

Google Merchant Center Shopping insights

Google Merchant Center Shopping insights

Great news, Google Chrome is rolling out Google Merchant Center shopping insights to increase customers’ trust in the prices they find on your online store.

Chrome will show customers a shopping insights notification in the address bar of their browser (only on desktops in the US) whenever the price on your website is competitive.

Google Merchant Center Shopping Insights notifications on Chrome is a feature that can help increase customer confidence by notifying them when a product on your website has a price that is equal to or lower than the typical price of that product from other stores across the web.


This feature is only available in the US. The feature is automatically enabled for all eligible merchants.

How it works

Shopping Insights pulls from the product data that you upload to Google Merchant Center. The notifications are only shown to customers who use the Chrome browser on their desktop website.

When a customer is shopping on your website and visits a product page where Shopping Insights is available, a Shopping Insights button will appear in the right of the Chrome address bar. The shopper will be able to click on the button and open the Shopping Insights panel.

This panel will show:

  • Typical price range of the product based on stores across the web
  • Price History in a chart that shows how the price of the product has changed over the past 90 days
  • Save and Track button which allows the customer to sign up for email alerts if the price of the product drops on any site


Learn more on Google Merchant Center Shopping Insights Here.



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