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Gone are the days of atlases and phone books. In their place, consumers will turn to the internet to find every detail of your business. From location and hours to the inventory that you boast, there is no better advertisement than the profile you build online.

Googe Maps Marketing

Cutting-edge strategies for Google Maps ranking and optimization, Methodical coverage designed to optimize your brand, Customizable dashboard to ensure seamless integration, Unparalleled commitment to honesty, quality, and trust!

GMB: ReMapping Everything You Know About Online Marketing

Gone are the days of atlases and phone books. In their place, consumers will turn to the internet to find every detail of your business. From location and hours to the inventory that you boast, there is no better advertisement than the profile you build online.

Far and beyond all other platforms, Google My Business is the place for your business to thrive. Affectionately known as GMB, this interactive space offers a cohesive opportunity for business owners and consumers to interact, effectively optimizing and promoting your brand at the same time.

If you’re in the business of doing business, you’ve come to the right place. At Shoreline, our strategic initiatives and innovative solutions are meticulously perfected to completely revitalize your online presence. For digital marketing that can’t be beat, keep scrolling.

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Why a Partnership With Shoreline?

Founded on the principles of honesty, quality, and trust, Shoreline is a locally-run group of tight-knit marketing enthusiasts. Zealots for our trade, our in-house services are uniquely designed to make the best of your business. Because our success is determined by yours, we have adapted our strategies to outperform the competition, no matter the size or sector of your company. At Shoreline, all we ask is that you be as passionate about results as we are.

Google Maps Marketing

The value of Google Maps Marketing. Understandably, consumers are typically on the hunt for results in their location. To this end, Google will show businesses based on proximity, as determined by either the user’s GPS or search-bar input. Intractably, companies with accurate location data will appear among the top results, exponentially increasing the likelihood that consumers will click through to their site, or stop by in store.

At Shoreline, we know there’s a lot more to location than just your address. Because your competition is vying for the same coordinates, it is the microstructural components of your SEO strategy that will boost you beyond their reach. Local or national, this is where the Shoreline difference matters.

    The Importance of GMB

    Not unlike the yellow pages, Google My Business is a platform for potential customers to learn more about your business. As 21st-century policy would dictate, the information that you provide is tailored to the real-world needs of modern-day consumers, from hours and location to inventory, reviews, and social media-esque posts.

    While location and SEO will determine the order of results, businesses that best fit Google’s algorithm du jour will be given the revered top spot. Known as Google’s Local Pack, Local Map Pack, or Local 3-Pack, this information-dense section will appear below-sponsored results but above organic listings, paired with a map and relevant data to paint a methodical picture for the hungry consumer.

    Statistically speaking, businesses that rank within this section of Google will receive abundantly more clicks than those that fall below the top three. While GMB’s ranking algorithm changes daily, its core of relevance, distance, and prominence make a strategic SEO campaign not just conducive, but crucial, to success.

    Why Shoreline is Different

    A partnership with Shoreline is different. Tempting as it may be to shoulder the responsibility of your own digital marketing strategy, the task is more than a full-time job (otherwise, we’d be out of work). Even a solid diet of how-to guides is unlikely to get you far ahead, with every moment spent online detracting from the time you spend in-store.

    Think of it this way: You have access to the same information as everyone else. With only intuition and blogs to guide you, how can you expect to outperform the competition?

    At Shoreline, we have what your competition doesn’t: us. With over a decade of experience under our belt, you can trust that the creative minds behind our success will design and implement a ranking strategy for your business unlike any other.

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    The Power of Investing in a Google Maps Marketing Company

    Ads are appealing, social media is aesthetic, but nothing is so all-powerful as Google My Business. In the modern age of technology, consumers are disproportionately likely to find you online before they find you in person, making your GMB strategy one of the most effective and forceful tools in your marketing arsenal.

    When a consumer needs your service, you need a partner who can ensure that you get found. At Shoreline, our expertise is uniquely qualified to do just this, no matter the size and sector of your business.

    As much as we love the DIY attitude, we wouldn’t try to do your job. So please, let us do ours.

    Increasing Local SEO and GMB Ranking in SERPs

    Collectively termed SERPs, Search Engine Results Pages are the infamous product of a Google search query. As discussed above, the Google Local Pack is the topmost section of Page One (beneath sponsored ads), followed by organic results, indexed according to Google’s latest algorithmic equation. Both this page in entirety and all subsequent pages, SERPs are a critical determiner of when – or whether – potential customers find your business.

    With Shoreline, intuitive expertise meets adaptive techniques to manifest a SERP methodology bespoke to your business’ needs. Motivated by your potential to thrive, our solution-focused methodology will boost your ranking, and in turn, your ROI.

    The Importance of Quality over Quantity

    So you hire a digital marketing strategist, and can hardly contain your excitement as the leads start pouring in. But as the months linger, and sales go stagnant, you start to question the legitimacy of leads, and realize all too late that in the game of online marketing, numbers aren’t about quantity. They’re about quality.

    Of course, the agile business owner is quite aware of this distinction, and would rather one quality lead than ten with no potential. That being said, it can be disastrously ineffective for the same business owner to try his hand at lead generation online.

    A tactical medium to convey your brand at the local level, GMB is not so much about blind ranking as it is about audience targeting. No matter how impressive your SERP performance, leads will never convert if the consumers you reach are not uniquely in need of your services.

    Boost Brand Awareness and Incentivize Customer Loyalty

    Among the many benefits of Google My Business, the opportunity to build your reputation is unmatched. Tantamount to the power of word of mouth, GMB offers consumers the ability to rate and review their experience with your business. While this function may frighten the unscrupulous tycoon, the honest entrepreneur will value its incredible avenue for reputation management.

    In a world overrun by fakes and frauds, the enduring experience of direct contact remains the bastion of business health. At Shoreline, we value sentient communication above all else, and will harness the power of GMB to drive organic traffic, incentivize human loyalty, and empower durable client relationships.

    The Shoreline Difference

    Born and bred in New Jersey, our family-sized office is nestled delicately between the hustle of Asbury Park and bustle of the Jersey Shore. Staffed entirely by in-house professionals, our team comprises a quirky bunch of skilled professionals, each driven by a personal interest in their specialty. Rivaled by none, our passion is the foundation of our proven track record of success.

    Making Local SEO Work

    Since its inception, Google Maps Marketing has become an unparalleled conduit for business growth. At Shoreline, our diligent efforts have evolved alongside the renowned platform, ensuring that your digital marketing strategy is consistently revisited for success. Adaptations aside, the foundation of Local SEO and Google My Business Optimization is Proximity, Rank, and Reviews.


    The infamous near me, Google makes use of GPS data to pair users’ search intent with their location in real-time. Directly intended to link potential consumers with quality results, proximity is arguably the most important component to a robust GMB & Local SEO strategy.


    Second only to proximity, rank is a crucial determinant in your business’ SERP performance. For search queries with location detection (Italian restaurant near me), your business’ rank will impact whether it reaches the hallowed Local Pack;  when a user’s search is not based on his/her location (cheap hotels Canberra Australia), this is the dominant factor in your appearance.


    As Google evolves toward a more user-friendly experience, the role of the consumer becomes ever more influential. Because the goal is to create a genuine, human interface, Google assigns great clout to customer feedback, including ratings, reviews, and (your) response rate.

    As discussed ad nauseum, the above can all be managed through Google My Business, making the platform a no-brainer for optimization. Indeed, the failure to hire an SEO professional to oversee your business’ account is tantamount to sabotage.

    Steps to SEO Success

    Claim Create Your GMB Listing

    Be accurate. Not only will an accurate listing foster credibility, but it will help to attract the right audience.

    Verify Your Listing

    This can be done via ground mail, or for some businesses, phone, email, or the Google Search Console portal. Do not edit your listing during the verification process.

    Edit, Re-Edit, and Edit Again

    Update your listing to include relevant information. Pay particular attention to the Description, Services, Service Areas, and Schedule sections. Add photos!

    Encourage Ratings and Reviews

    Ask current clients to leave their feedback on your listing, and provide an incentive for new ones. Respond to reviews (both positive and negative) to build your reputation and credibility.

    Post Regularly

    Not unlike social media, the GMB Posts function allows you to showcase the best of your brand in real-time. Consider posting ads, coupons, etc, as they are one of the first things users will see on your listing.

    Monitor GMB Insights

    If you haven’t already, this is the time to hire a Google SEO professional. For the ardently independent, check out the Insights tab on your account to adapt your listing/strategy going forward.

    As you move forward, a litany of resources allows you to continually refresh your Google My Business listing. Among others, take advantage of:

    360° Virtual Tour

    Still, in beta, the requirements for this function are ever-changing. Consider hiring a local Google Maps marketing company to handle the legwork.

    Local Search Ads

    Like traditional PPC ads, Google’s Ad platform is a fail-safe way to boost your business’ visibility and exposure at the local level.

    What It All Means

    If the benefits of Google My Business optimization aren’t evident, then perhaps you shouldn’t be in business (really). At Shoreline, our experienced team of SEO professionals understands the ins and outs of what Google Maps Marketing really means, and our solution-driven strategies are meticulously designed for success.

    With professional Google Maps marketing, you can expect:

    To see more foot traffic in-store.

    Not only will an optimized GMB listing show people you exist, but it will encourage them to check out your services/products for themselves.

    To increase Lead Generation

    Particularly at the local level, an optimized GMB listing will motivate genuine user interest. Use CTAs (Calls to Action) to incentivize real-time contact.

    To enhance your visibility.

    Plain and simple, an optimized GMB listing will tell customers everything they want to know about your business.

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