Google Business Popular Times

Google Business Popular Times

Google Business Popular TimesI am sure if you are a fan of searching for hours or location information on a Business Google Listing you have come across the new Google Business Popular Times area on the Optimized or Enhanced Business listing via Google Maps or Google+. It’s a pretty nice feature for the larger franchise stores but will it help the smaller franchise or independent, Smaller  businesses?

The following was released by Google. Google Search shows users the most popular times for some of their favorite businesses and institutions. When users search for places like a restaurant, bar, or gym on Google, they’ll see when their destination typically draws the largest crowds.

To determine popular times, Google uses data from users who have chosen to store their location information on Google servers. Popular times are based on average popularity over the last several weeks. Not all businesses will have a popular times graph; the graph will only appear for businesses whose hours are listed on Google and about which Google has sufficient popularity data.

On the popular times graph, popularity for any given hour is shown relative to the typical peak popularity for the business for the week. For example, in the image below, the 9:00pm hour on Friday is one of the most popular times of the entire week for this business. You can read the full Google help article here.

Google Business Popular Times Supported devices

On Android, popular times are available on browser search and the Google Search app. On iOS, popular times are available on browser search in Chrome and Safari. Popular times are also available on Google Search from a desktop browser.

Sam Mangialavori Digital Promotions Analyst at iCrossing Explains that the feature Unfortunately is not available to business owners or at least not yet. Like every other user, owners have to look up the information on Google Search. Also, this feature is not available for every type of business, only those that users are “commonly curious about how busy it typically gets. You can read more about this on his blog “Google’s new popular times feature explainedHERE.

For more information on Google Business Popular Times contact one of the Shoreline Media Team members for more information. This feature may not be available to the business owners yet but hopefully that will change soon.

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