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    Our Agency has the core values that some do not. The QUALITY of service, a STRATEGY that works, and the TEAM that can get it done. Built on Honesty, Quality, and Trust our team has improved every strategy that we’ve built to help in all areas needed.

    You’ve built a successful business. You were on track to hit objectives, but COVID-19 closures created challenges you were not prepared to meet. Maybe you were one of the lucky ones and the pandemic created opportunities for your business. Whatever your circumstances, It’s now time to rebuild and rethink your digital strategy.

    Shoreline wants to help you reevaluate your marketing strategy. What is working? What no longer works? What is going to change as the world embraces a new normal as the COVID-19 becomes more manageable?

    Flexibility has been the key to business success in the last year. Being able to rapidly adapt to change will continue to be a key to business success in the coming year. While we may not know exactly what 2021 will have in store for us, we know it is going to involve change.

    Did You Know?

    • We are rated #1 Digital Agency by multiple publications

    • We’ve won multiple awards for our data-driven case studies

    • We have an in-House team in our office and at their desks

    • When others downsized, we expandeded

    • We expanded into a Digital Marketing Campus to provide better customer service on top of the award-winning customer service already being provided by our team

    We’ll Build The Strategy

    We built our reputation on helping businesses maximize their SEO content and optimize their internet marketing campaigns. However, SEO is only one part of your marketing strategy. You want all of your marketing efforts to have a coordinated focus.

    Normally, creating a successful marketing strategy means one of two things.

    Generally, if you are selling a product or service, it already exists in the marketplace. Sure, you might be opening up the only restaurant in your area, but restaurants exist. People have expectations about what they serve, whether they deliver, and even how much the food will cost. Your marketing strategy is going to involve using people’s expectations about your business and using them to help you market to them.

    Move The Needle Let’s Rebuild!

      Increase Your Share

      Most marketing is not about creating a desire for your product, but about increasing your share of an existing market. It is not about convincing people that they need a particular good or service, but why they need to choose you to supply that good or service.

      Sometimes, though, you may need to create the demand for what you are selling. Think about some of the businesses that have flourished in the pandemic: food delivery service and grocery delivery services. Until relatively recently, if people wanted groceries, they had to go into the store and buy them or contract independently with someone to purchase them. Likewise, if someone wanted takeout food, they had to go and buy it.

      When those services started, their founders had to convince people that it was worth paying money to have someone do that for you. If you have a new good or service, you have to highlight why it is worth the money. That is a different type of marketing than we do when there is already a demand for a product.

      While other agencies that focus only on SEO might try a plug-and-play approach to your Digital Marketing, our team builds a strategy that is customized to your business.

      • What does your business do?

      • What is your vision?

      • What are your goals for growth?

      • Who is your existing customer base?

      • What are your opportunities for growth? Can you expand your market share? Can you expand the goods or services you offer?

      • How do you interact with your customers?

      • How do potential customers want to interact with you?

      • Are visitors converting when they visit your website?

      • >What type of data is being collectd?

      • What will turn your clicks into conversions?

      Those are just some of the questions that we ask. We work with you to build a customized marketing strategy that is tailored to your business needs. We create strategies that drive leads using Digital Marketing, Lead Nurturing, and, yes, SEO.

      The Agency Other Agencies Fear

      In addition to spending the last year helping our clients rebrand, we have also been sharpening our own skills. We expanded during the pandemic because we kept our focus on our clients. What did clients need in the pandemic? First, they needed to understand which part of Digital was going to help. We solved that for them by working with them on their data and conversion values. They also needed to quickly rebrand and expand their online presence if they wanted to stay relevant, and competitive.

      Most marketing is about showcasing your product or services and providing reasons for why your business is better than the competition. You start with knowledge about a potential customer base. You get to know their buying habits. You figure out what makes them choose one product over another and you target a campaign towards them.

      However, in the pandemic, customer bases shifted radically. People who would never have spent money on some goods or products were suddenly clamoring for them. Conversely, some businesses that traditionally thrived and did not need a significant internet presence, like local nail salons, found their customer base evaporated overnight.

      In addition, the workplace changed dramatically. Alongside the nationwide debate of who was or was not an essential worker, we had hundreds of thousands of people lose their jobs. Others transitioned from in-office workers to remote workers. People were not using hospitality services, but suddenly homes had to function as homes, workplaces, and entertainment centers.

      The Most Respected Agency

      Everything changed. Unfortunately, for many Americans, the inability to change with it meant lost businesses and broken dreams. We were determined not to let that happen to our customers. Quite frankly, we were also determined not to let that happen to us. Like our customers, we fall under the small business umbrella. If our customers failed, we were going to fail. We were not going to let that happen. Not to our customers and not to us.

      We responded with continuous research about the constantly evolving COVID-19 era market. Who was doing the purchasing? What were they buying? What needs were being met? What needs were not being met? We took that information and we used it to help our existing customers and to reach out to new ones. The result? We became one of the most respected multi-media marketing agencies in the digital landscape.

      Move The Needle Let’s Rebuild!

        Embrace The Comeback

        Right now, businesses are facing another major shift. People are getting vaccinated and are feeling more comfortable and confident about getting back to in-person business. Businesses that have been primarily online are transitioning back to brick-and-mortar establishments. The hospitality industry is starting to grow again.

        How do you take advantage of these new opportunities? It is not by returning to what you were doing before the pandemic. We know you have heard the phrase “a new normal” so many times by now that you are tired of hearing it. However, it is a reality. Business is not going to return to what it was like before COVID-19 hit.

        You don’t want it to. If you are like most businesses, then during the last year you suffered from some common problems.

        Did you experience:

        • A drop in rankings?

        • Customer service issues?

        • Traffic decreases?

        • Search decreases?

        • Fewer leads?

        Our clients did not. That’s because when others got scared and downsized, we created opportunities and we held our clients take advantage of them. When old marketing strategies were not working, we stepped up and created new ones.

        We’ll be honest. They were not all immediately successful. Just like every other business out there, we were being forced to quickly adapt to a rapidly changing marketplace and we could not predict how things would change. But we kept up the research and we kept tweaking things for our clients. The result was that we created an even more powerful strategy for SEO and Digital marketing than we had before. Our clients are thriving because of it.

        Come thrive with us.

        Top Rated Services

        • Content Analysis

          Our dedicated SEO teams analyze every page on your website for optimal performance. When necessary, we create or update On-Page content to ensure that the page ranks as highly as possible. We may suggest additional features, elements, or updates to the layout of a particular page to better turn visitors into leads.

        • Optimized Listings

          Shoreline manages your business listings to ensure that your business information, map listing, profile images, logos, and categories are properly aligned to drive traffic and accurately represent your business. Our client platforms also track the calls, leads, and visits to your listings.

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