How to fix a hacked website

Fix My Hacked Website

Fix My Hacked Website. Has Your Website Been Hacked?

Finding out that your website has been hacked is potentially devastating for a business owner. A hacked website can not only get out misinformation to customers and keep you from doing business but also put your confidential information and customer information at risk. Obviously, if your website has been hacked, you need it fixed, quickly.

The first step to fixing a hack is diagnosing the problem. To do that, we search for malware. Malware can come in various formats and be designed to perform various nefarious functions, some of which may be obvious to your users, and some of which may leave your website seemingly intact, but be attacking your data or customer data. We look for all types of malware, including viruses, injected scripts, Trojans, infections, and spam, and, once we have identified it, we isolate it and remove it.

Next, we look at what type of problems the malware has caused. Sometimes hacked websites will be defaced by the hackers. In those instances, we restore your website to its proper condition in two ways- we remove the bad content and restore the good content. This process may involve things that your customers can see and behind-the-scenes things that they cannot see. A total restoration cleans your website so that your business can continue to function.

Of course, fixing your website only solves part of the problem. If you were infected with malware, then chances are that your website has ended up on some blacklists. Even if you remove the malware, you still have the problem of being identified on those blacklists, which can keep you from reaching customers or having customers able to reach you. Part of our hacked website correction service involves removing you from those blacklists so that you can continue with your business.

Finally, we secure your website to prevent future hacks.

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