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Report: 87% of Facebook Customer Messages Are Ignored
By: Greg Finn, Search Engine Land on June 24, 2015 at 10:02 am

Though Facebook seems like the perfect source for service a new study by Locowiseshows that the majority of customer messages go unanswered.

Sure, Facebook is fertile ground for customer inquiries, but a new survey shows that most companies aren’t providing a suitable customer experience. Locowise, a social media analytics and reporting service, studied more than 900 Facebook pages and found that customer service on Facebook is less than adequate.

One of the most disturbing findings was that 87% of all messages going unanswered completely. It wasn’t just stagnant pages either. Of those pages that did respond, they did so selectively – answering only 37% of all posts. The publishing ability is a setting that can be enabled within the Publishing Ability section of the settings page. Of those pages that specifically enabled the publishing ability 65% didn’t respond to any customer posts.

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