Digital Marketing During Challenging Times

From shortened hours to suspended operations, companies across the nation are curtailing business, while cities and states are implementing curfews, limiting crowds, and shuttering quotidien services. What can you do? Digital Marketing In A Time of Uncertainty.

    The Internet Doesn’t Have A Curfew.

    With the outbreak of the Coronavirus, Americans from all walks of life have been forced to upend everything they’ve come to call normal. From shortened hours to suspended operations, companies across the nation are curtailing business, while cities and states are implementing curfews, limiting crowds, and shuttering quotidien services. The international market is taking a nosedive, and people are struggling to support both themselves and each other.

    At Shoreline, we too feel the impact of this threat and will do all in our power to protect the partnerships we have built. Though we hate to admit it, time is money in this modern world, and a robust Digital Marketing strategy is the only way for your business to survive the pandemic. Use this time to your advantage: run tests, review results and revitalize growth to prepare for a drop in the global market. Strengthened in the face of disaster, yours will be the front-line survivor when everything bounces back. The last thing you want to do is stop Organic SEO, Social Media Ads, etc. this will result in loss of rankings, searches, and leads. Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization is what you should be INCREASING but with the right approach.

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    Digital In A Time of Uncertainty.

    In this challenging time, it is not panic, but preparedness, that we need most. Behemoths in the travel, hospitality, and event industries are strategizing their campaigns to ensure durability. Having reduced their online spending budgets, this is the opportune moment for small businesses like yours to jump in. In a time of less, do more.

    Where before e-commerce was booming, the present economic climate has left it bursting at the seams. (In fact, data from Quantum Metric has shown a 52% weekly growth!) At Shoreline, we harness the power of organic SEO, social media, and ads to build brand awareness when your customers need it most. From plumbers and electricians to entrepreneurs in the HVAC and landscaping sectres, Cleaning Services, local companies and business owners have witnessed the uptick in ranking, leads, and profit that a partnership with Shoreline entails.

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      Use This Time To Your Advantage

      Crazy as it may sound, this is NOT the time to put your business on the back burner. Rather, use it to your advantage! Reboot your strategy, restructure your spend, and reshape the way your business does business. After all, not all traffic is measured in feet.

      Whether they are running ads for products or services, companies are taking to Digital during this time to push more awareness then they have. Take the time and evaluate your Organic SEO, Your Website Layout, Your Digital Marketing and see what can be done to increase your volume so that you can finally see a return on your investment. Others are…

      In a Marketing Tech Blog this week they wrote about all of the topics we mentioned above and stated that the major advantage of Digital Marketing, besides the fact that is does not require in-person interaction, is that it’s measurable!

      The major advantage of digital marketing, besides the fact that it does not require face-to-face interaction, is that it is measurable. Marketers can quite easily obtain a good picture of their spending return on investment (ROI), and of which activities generate the highest number of quality leads and at what expense. ~ ClickZ

      Assuming that many marketers will have some extra free time, especially those who will have to go into home isolation, they are advised to use it to review their online marketing strategy and redefine their marketing messages. ~ ClickZ

      Most companies if not all are doing a lot of virtual type business. For example. Gyms are organizing live video feeds or live classes that way their current members don’t have to freeze or pause nay memberships. They can do the same workout at home. Healthcare professionals in the Senior and Assisted living areas are continuing to increase budgets and offering virtual tours or live tours of their facilities. HVAC, Electricians, plumbers and other home services are organizing virtual meetings or virtual estimates on minor issues. Car dealers are offering in-home signing or virtual signing and car deliveries. Some even at-home test drives. So as I mentioned Digital Marketing is where you should be concentrating. Don’t stop any type of Organic or Digital Marketing.

      Recap & Suggestions

      Again do not panic. Now is the time to Analyze your spending in other areas such as print, etc. to see where you can take some budget to add more to Digital, Content and more. Analyze both your SEO and Digital Strategy. Work on the content strategy for both, view reports and more. View your Social Media reports and Analyze your Social Media Marketing strategy. View the exact demographic of age and sex of who is taking action on your posts. Be sure to run full competitor analysis reports. See what they are doing from what you may not be doing. Research your latest KPI report. See what keywords are working and bringing in the most leads.

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      • On-Page Content Analysis

        Our dedicated SEO teams analyze every page on your website for optimal performance. When necessary, we create or update content to ensure that the page ranks as highly as possible. We may suggest additional features, elements or updates to the layout of a particular page to better turn visitors into leads.

      • Optimized Business Listings

        Shoreline manages your business listings to ensure that your business information, map listing, profile images, logos and categories are properly aligned to drive traffic and accurately represent your business. Our client platforms also track the calls, leads and visits to your listings.

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