Call Tracking and Google Data Studio

Call Tracking and Google Data Studio

How Call Tracking Metrics Implements Google Data Studio

Tracking Marketing ROI with Google Data Studio Dashboards

Kim Jaso | February 27, 2020 | Call Tracking Metrics

At CallTrackingMetrics, we’re proud to say we’re a SaaS company that actively uses our own product every day. Like our customers, we use CTM to manage our sales and support interactions with customers, track engagement on our marketing campaigns, and report on our agent and call performance. In this series, How CTM Uses CTM, we highlight how our own team uses our platform to help inform strategies or techniques you may want to employ at your own company. In this installment, we catch up with our Senior Manager of Demand Generation, Chris Todd, to explore how he uses our Google Data Studio integration to deliver key performance metrics to stakeholders across our organization.

Google Data Studio integration

How are you using it to digest and analyze our data? In my role, I’m constantly measuring key metrics for our marketing, sales, and leadership teams, such as: lead and sign-up volume, cost per lead (CPL), cost per acquisition (CPA), site conversion rate, and organic session counts. The Data Studio connection automatically refreshes data every 12 hours, so in-app CTM is still my go to for real-time conversation data, but the dashboards work well for me to go in each morning and get a pulse check of our performance from the day before. I can also use Data Studio to compare specific date ranges in our data to measure granular changes in performance.

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