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Top Reasons Why WordPress is the Ideal Platform for Small Business Websites

Why WordPress is the Ideal Platform for Small Business Websites.

I saw this article online on the New Media Profit Path website and wanted to share this. Why Wordpress is the ideal platform for small business websites.

Easy to Use

The first reason why WordPress is such a great web publishing platform for small business is that it is easy to use. WordPress was designed to be easy to use for people of modest technical means. Which is to say, you don’t need to be a mega-geek to manage your website with WordPress. Once it is set up, average users can add content easily. This can include text, images, audio, video, or just about anything else you can think of.

Basically I tell people if you can use one of the web-based email systems like Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo! Mail then you pretty much have all the technical skills you need to run your WordPress site. That said, there still can be some technical know-how required to get things set up for maximum performance.

But once everything is set up correctly, adding content and managing the site day-to-day is very simple. Much more so than with other website platforms out there.

By the way, this is doubly true if the person who manages your website content changes regularly. I got a call just yesterday from someone who just inherited updating a website for an organization and they were stuck because the website was hand-coded in Dreamweaver. If it had been built on WordPress in the first place taking over would have been a simple affair.

Powerful SEO

WordPress has pretty good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) right out of the box. Then when you configure some settings, add in a great premium theme like Genesis or Headway, or add a solid SEO plugin like the All-in-One SEO Pack or the Platinum SEO Pack you’ve got everything you need to rapidly climb up to the front page of Google for your keywords.

Of course, if you are intimidated by what it takes to have good SEO you can simply subscribe to the Scribe SEO service. They make improving your SEO as easy as clicking the mouse. They even offer a great little free SEO e-book so you can learn the basics of good SEO.
With all the options available to you, WordPress makes powerful SEO a breeze!

Dynamic Content

Since its roots are as a blogging platform WordPress makes creating sites with dynamic content easy-peasy. Uploading images, adding audio and embedding videos is simple as can be.
Plus WordPress has a built-in commenting system so you have built-in interactivity. That coupled with the ease with which you can add blog posts and other content makes it easy for you to produce a dynamic website that keeps people coming back time and time again.


Anyone can download the software for free at It doesn’t get any less expensive than that! Sure it takes a little expertise to get things set up correctly so that you get the most from your WordPress site. The good news is there are tons of WordPress designers and developers out there so it’s possible to find the expertise you need at almost any price point.

For a small business that’s just getting started and is on a tight budget, WordPress makes it possible to have a powerful website that can compete for head-on with sites from much larger companies. That way the business can see a much bigger return on their web marketing resources than when going with many other platforms.

Powerful Social Media Tool

The WordPress Plugin Directory has over 10,000 plugins to add functionality and features to the core WordPress capabilities. Over 250 of them help you add Social Functions to your website.
With all those plugins you have options to integrate your site with your pollination points out on all sorts of social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Flickr, or even Last.FM.

So as you can see, WordPress makes an ideal platform for small business websites.

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