2023 NJBIZ Leaders in Digital Technology Joseph Sernio

2023 NJBIZ Leaders in Digital Technology

2023 NJBIZ Leaders in Digital Technology Honoree Joseph Sernio

2023 NJBIZ Leaders in Digital Technology Joseph SernioThis new program, which was built from our previous Digi-Tech Innovators Awards, celebrates both companies and individuals who are making a difference in the digital technology space and using innovation to move not only their business forward but also the great state of New Jersey.

Today, we are surrounded by technology that is making things faster, easier, and more efficient. It has completely changed how we communicate—from our daily lives to the workplace, which for many of us has become one in the same over the last several years.

Representing a wide swath of industries from financial services to health care, to marketing to—of course—technology, and more, this group of honorees is embracing innovation by listening to their customers, analyzing industry trends and insights, and providing solutions to problems we face every day.

In the following pages, we spotlight this year’s 48 leaders in Digital Technology honorees, providing more insight into their accomplishments, why innovation is important to them, how it has impacted their roles over the years, what inspires them, and how they see technology advancing even more in the near future.

Karren L. Johnson, Event Supplement Editor, NJBIZ

NJBIZ would like to welcome you to our reimagined Leaders in Digital Technology awards program.


Joseph Sernio NJBIZ NJ Business Leaders In Digital Marketing Technology Shoreline Media MarketingIn addition to being an award-winning actor, Sernio has led the team at Shoreline Media Marketing for the past 13 years in successfully helping companies get much-needed exposure and leads through web development, SEO, traffic analysis, social media marketing, and much more in the online space.

What has been your greatest contribution to your company’s growth in the digital technology space?

I may have started this, but the team and our clients continue to build it. I am extremely fortunate for both of them. My biggest contribution to the company are the resources I put in place for not only our growth but our team and clients’ growth, too. During the pandemic, I saw other agencies collapse due to poor management. I took that as a sign. Clients are going to need these services more than ever. So, I took over a 6,500-square-foot building, hired a few more people, and helped clients come back from the loss they suffered.

How has your role evolved over the last five years?

To be honest, nothing has changed and I do not want it to. I am not the CEO who sits behind a desk. I am hands-on. Every single client that comes through these doors I am in touch with. Any lead that comes in I speak to. I do not believe in salespeople who sell a service they are not actually doing.

How do you spot opportunities for innovation?

I research … a lot. I study … a lot. If there are tools out there that I can either build or partner with to not only help our industry but also help our clients, I will get it done. We review multiple surveys internally and make sure we know what each client is lacking and what they may need to enhance our service and their tools.

We congratulate all of the NJBIZ Leader in Technology honorees!




2023 NJBIZ Leaders in Digital Technology Joseph Sernio


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