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What are the Benefits of SEO Content Writing?

You are an expert in your business and you know what to say to your customers, so you may be left wondering why you would hire a content writer to say it. This is legitimate question and one that many business owners struggle with when beginning their web development process or when revamping their web-based image, whether via website design or through the use of social media. The best way to answer this question is to suggest that you visit some websites run by competitors in your business, as well as sampling websites in other businesses.

Reading them, can you see a difference in text? Do you notice when a company’s social media presence seems to lack a unifying theme? Do grammatical errors, misspelled words, and confusing syntax distract you from the message that a website is trying to convey? If a product or service is unfamiliar to you, do you feel like the website provides sufficient information to explain that product or service? If you have ever noticed issues like this when visiting a website or following a company’s social media, then you understand some of the reasons for hiring a content writer.

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The primary reason is making your message accessible to your audience. Content writers are aware of the target audience associated with various types of web usage and social media and tailor their content accordingly. A 140 character tweet will have different content than an in-depth explanation on a website, but they should both be easy to understand and accessible to users. Content writers also understand that the average American reads on a 10th grade level.

This means that content writers often have to take complex ideas and condense them into easy-to-understand language, without ever appearing to talk down to your audience. Finally, if you are an expert in your industry, you may make assumptions about baseline knowledge about your product or service that do not translate to your audience. Content writers will be sure to explain industry-specific terms or acronyms in a way that your audience can understand.
The secondary reason for hiring a content writer is to ensure the continuity of your brand.

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