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Your Franchise Visibility

Be Seen

Do not be invisibly from customers looking for your franchise or service type. You can check and monitor how accurately our team lists or how you are listed on the most important (30+) directories, Search Engines, Social Media sites and more.

Take Control

With our portal we provide areas where you can take full control of your listings. You can create new listings, delete duplicate listings and fix any inaccuracies that may occur.

Track progress

You can watch our team as we complete tasks to help improve your visibility online. See live improvements and watch your visibility score grow.

Local Business Franchise SEO

Our Actual Local Franchise Owner Portal

Franchise Search Rank Marketing SEO

Our Actual Local Franchise Owner Portal

Your Franchise SEO – Search Rank Monitoring

Track Your Google Rank

Measure your keyword ranking success on Google. You can track the top keywords that our team is working on improving for your location. (Amount of keywords depends on budget) 

Benchmark vs. Your Competition

You can track and keep track of your competitors.

Weekly Alerts

You will get available alerts of important ranking updates along with weekly and monthly reports delivered right to your email.

Your Franchise Reputation Management

Protect Your Franchise Reputation
See reviews from multiple sites such as Google, Facebook, Yelp and more through our portal. Negative reviews are highlighted and you may take action directly on our dashboard.

Push and Showcase Positive Reviews

Push your best reviews to your Social Platforms. Let your fans and followers know anytime you receive positive feedback.

Increase Your Reviews

With our custom review widget we can help you get more reviews. From there we can push the best reviews to your website, Facebook, Google, Trip Advisor and more.

Improve Your Conversion Rate

Our review widget will allow you to showcase the best reviews leaving the visitor wanting to inquire about your products or services after viewing your 5 start reviews on your site. Brands see an 8% increase in their lead conversion ratio after uploading our custom review widget.

Franchise Reputation Management

Our Actual Local Franchise Owner Portal

Franchise Social Media Marketing Management

Our Actual Local Franchise Owner Portal

Your Franchise Social Media Marketing

Manage all of Your Social Networks

Schedule, Generate Content and Publish to help grow your Social networks.

Simplify Social Media Workflow

Post to all networks at once

Social Media Reporting

Insights and data from key indicators about items such as best time to post, followers and more.

Social Media Lead Generation

Set up your most important keywords and service areas on Twitter. This will allow you to interact with users who are ready to purchase our product or services.

Social Media Ad Campaign Reporting

We can now track our Social Media Ad Campaigns within our Dashboard. Any ad campaign that our Social Media Team is optimizing and managing for you will be included in all of our weekly reports. With these reports as well as access to our custom reporting system all of the data from your ad campaign will be available to you at the click of a button.

  1. Consolidated report of all active campaigns under overview section.

  2. Generate a custom report to check the performance of one or more campaigns.

  3. All important metrics are displayed on the dashboard; so that you can easily understand how their Facebook Ads are performing.

  4. Download the Facebook Ad report in PDF format from the dashboard.

  5. Facebook Ad report with top performing Ads.

Social media Marketing Reporting

Our Actual Local Franchise Owner Portal

Our Actual Local Franchise Owner Portal

Help Your Franchise Grow

We will track and report every area of Online Marketing that your franchise needs to grow. Whether we are focusing on a small local campaign or a campaign with multiple areas we will help increase your visibility and conversions online.

Each Franchise Location will receive:

  • Call Tracking & Reporting
  • Visibility Management
  • Reputation Management
  • Live Chat
  • Keyword Ranking Reports
  • Heatmap reports
  • Social Media Reports
  • Social Media Ad Campaign Reports
  • Weekly Reports
  • Monthly Reports …. and more
Franchise Marketing & Development
Franchise Development & Online Marketing
Franchise Online Marketing Development

Our Custom Franchise Reporting Pulls Data From Top Reporting Platforms

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