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Franchise Digital Marketing Overview Shoreline Media

Our Actual Franchise Brand Portal

A quick overview of our enhanced portal for Franchise Brand Owners.

Grow Your Franchise
If you are a franchise your can use our system as a value proposition to sell more franchise unites. The Shoreline Client portal is now available for Franchises and empowers franchisees to be much more successful.

A Full View of Your Entire Brand
Get a 360 degree view of your brand in one spot. This will allow you to evaluate and react. Seamlessly view individual locations, regions and the entire brand.

Brand Message
Take control of your brands Social Media with posts, videos, promotions, graphics and more. Ensure that brand created and approved content is consistently made available to the franchisees. You can also view what your franchisees are adding to make sure the brand message is the best it can be.

Data and Insights 
Some of the best reporting is now available to Franchise Brands. Detailed reporting and analysis can help provide the correct path to drive the results you need. You can take action directly from our dashboard and push those positive reviews to help increase conversions.

Trust Shoreline Media Marketing to help market your Brand. Our award winning Local SEO Services will and can help organize your brand development. Honestly, Quality and Trust!

Franchise Brand Visibility

Be Seen

With great visibility comes great sales. Be sure to be seen across all directories and Search Engines

Are All of Your Brand Locations Listed and Accurate?

Did you know that over 50% of businesses have incorrect listing information? Help your franchisees who may be losing business get back on track and more visible.

Take Control of Your Listings

With our optional listing packages we can help you take control of our listings online and on some directories. You can create new listings, delete listings, correct duplicate listings and more.

Franchise Brand Visibility

Our Actual Franchise Brand Portal

Franchise Visibility Marketing

Our Actual Franchise Brand Portal

Franchise Brand Reputation Management

The View From The Top

See reviews for all locations from multiple sites such as Google, Yelp, Facebook and more. You can view your responses, see which location is doing well with reviews and which may need help.

Protect Your Brand

Negative reviews are highlighted so they can call attention to the ones that do the most damage to your brand. Our platform makes it easier.

Push Positive Brand Reviews

Shout it out loud to your Social Networks that you have some amazing 5 star reviews. You can push the best reviews for your brand across multiple platforms within our portal.

Get More Reviews

Our widget within our portal will allow and help you get more reviews. The best reviews will get pushed to Google, Facebook, Trip Advisor and more.

Improve Your Brand Conversion Rate

Our review widget will let you highlight the best reviews that you have recieved. When a visitor visits your brands corporate site they will see all of the 5 star  reviews that you would like to showcase. Brands see an 8% increase in their lead conversion rate after using our review system.

Brand Sentiment Analysis

Our sentiment analysis algorithm allows your brand to be aware of the attitude when patrons are writing about it in local blogs and media outlets.

Franchise Search Ranking Monitoring (SEO)

Track Your Ranking on Google

You can measure location by location ranking success on Google with out Search Ranking Monitoring section. Add and track your brands top keywords for each of their locations. This allows you to stay on top of your ranking fluctuations.

Benchmark Against Your Brands Competition

Keep a close eye on your competitors and their Search Engine Rank. You can identify of low search rankings may be causing a loss of business.

Email and Updated Ranking Alerts

Our portal will send out alerts with ranking updates on a weekly and monthly basis. These reports will also be available for download in your portal dashboard under the reports sections.

Franchise Search Ranking Monitoring

Our Actual Franchise Brand Portal

Franchise Brand Competitive Analysis

Our Actual Franchise Brand Portal

Franchise Brand Competitive Analysis

Literally Dominate Local Competition

You can analyze the KEY components in Local Digital Marketing to see how your business measures up to your and its local competitors. You can see where it may need help and how you can seize opportunities.

Compare Live Results

View your data vs your top local competitors to see how some business may possibly become a loss.

Analyze Top Search Ranking Performers

Find out which sites may be more visible than yours online. If it is not you then it is certainly your competition!  See who may be listed most accurately in the popular directories.

Reputation Smackdown

Find out who is getting more positive and frequent reviews and who gets bragged about in a positive light across searches.

Social Media Means Business

Find out which business is the most active and aggressive across Social Media. See how they are promoting and communication and expanding their fan base.

Business Intelligence

Your Brand Intelligence

Now you can understand what franchisees that franchise your brand are being proactive and utilizing the tools provided to them. You can see who is opening reports, using Social Media, responding to their reviews, managing their reputations and which ones may not be doing anything.

What’s Under The Hood?

Find out who is logging into their dashboard and where they are going. Which of your franchisees are spending time and which modules through the dashboard attract them the most.

Instant Downloads

You can create and download reports instantly. Those reports can be emailed or shared at any franchise meetings. This will allow you to gain insight into why certain franchisees are performing better than some of the others.

Data in Seconds

Our data technology within our Franchise Portal will help you evaluate, share and deliver results across all of your locations at once.

Franchise online Marketing Business Intelligence

Our Actual Franchise Brand Portal

Franchise Social Media Marketing 4

Our Actual Franchise Brand Portal

Franchise Brand Social Media Management

Powerful Experience Managing Your Social Networks

You can schedule, create and manage all posts.

Simplify and Centralize Your Brands Social Media Workflow

You can post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest all at the same time. You can view your inbox, use RSS feeds to help grow content and more.

Multi Location Social Media

You can post and see activity across all of your locations. You can also focus on one location at a time or break them up into groups.


The best of our client reporting is now available for Franchise Brands. You can get insights and key data about influencers, ideal time to post, your followers, your reach and more.

Generate Live Twitter Leads

Twitter radius marketing to proactively target and attract new customers in the local areas who are tweeting about goods and or services that you offer.

Franchise Marketing & Development
Franchise Development & Online Marketing
Franchise Online Marketing Development

Our Custom Franchise Reporting Pulls Data From Top Reporting Platforms

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