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In upgrading or even redesigning any website there are certain notes to take when deciding how you want the new site to be different. Chances are that the reason you are upgrading or redesigning is that your current site is not doing much for you or not doing anything at all for you. Some reasons that you may need a website re design or upgrade could be:

  • You do not have access to your old content
  • Your website is not searching
  • Your content is out of date
  • You have little content
  • You do not have any information to access your site
  • You have errors within your site
  • Your site may be showing up different on certain search engine
  • Your site can not or is not showing up on mobile devices
  • I have no blog on my website
  • I can not track the hits on my website
These are just a few reasons to think about having your site upgraded or just a simple redesign. Shoreline Media can help you in deciding what route to take. With your Free Website Evaluation we can evaluate your website and let you know what your best options are. Most times you might just need to give your site a little push with stronger content or stronger optimization.

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