Website Design Services


Website Design Services

Resposnive Web Design AgencyAre you interested in Website Design in NJ, LA or anywhere in the world for that matter; Shoreline Media Marketing Solutions is your Web Design company. Build Your Critical Communication and Advertising Vehicle with New Jersey and New York’s Leader in Website Design, Optimization and more today. Don’t waste your time or your money with high priced flash sites that are not search optimized, sites that you can not edit yourself, full of content you do not need? Then, once you get fed up and want to take control of what you own and payed for, you find yourself and your website held hostage, with no idea of how to access or logon. Before you know it you’re paying another $2000 just to get your username and password for a website that has already cost you and arm and a leg. We have clients from New Jersey, New York To LA and Vegas all with websites that are working for them.

Interested in Mobile Optimization & Mobile Site Functions? No Problem..

NJ Based Website Design and Optimization Usability

Our New Jersey Based Website Design Firm does not offer websites that just look good with flashy images and no SEO, and from an experts point of you I’m sure it’s not what you want. Shoreline Media was formed to help get individuals, businesses, and corporations up and running on the web, easily, pain free, and for half of the money you would pay these other companies you get more from Web Solutions NJ. Any look you want, and images you want, etc. what you want because its YOUR website, and Your business.

We’ve launched or upgraded many businesses, large and small. We help you get your message out. We know how to market the right way, and we will Search Optimize your site to be sure that you get the proper SEO, and SEM you deserve.

We will sit with you, and go over exactly what you need to get started, and get on the web pain free. Basic website design should be exactly that … Basic, and easy. We will treat you the way you deserve to be treated .. Fare, and respectful by not taking advantage of you, and giving you false information or promises.

NJ Based Website E-commerce Solutions

Put your store on the web. Sell your product or services right from your website. Host unlimited products, galleries, and more to get your online business booming. Interested in hearing more on E-Commerce Solutions for your business? Click Here For The E-Commerce Solutions Page

The Shoreline Media Marketing Web Design Process

Shoreline Media Marketing has a very professional and personal design and marketing process that we implement for all of our clients into any of there services. We have outlined the major key points that we go by when building your online network. Click Here For The Web Design and Marketing Process

What About These Online Website Builders

A lot of sites or even companies are advertising that they make websites when what they do is sign up for a $150/Year online website builder and charge you quadroople that to build it for you, then you realize it is something you do not want as an online image for your company. Read This article we posted on Online Website Builders Here

Website Landing Pages, Sales Pages & Squeeze Pages

Get more traffic to your website with Landing Pages.. Separate from your website this is an entirely different site with a different domain name but the same look and optimized to point users to your website driving more traffic. Push a questionnaire, a coupon, whatever you would like. Sample are available.

Shoreline Media SEO Website Design Social Media

Mobile & Responsive Web Design

Shoreline Media Marketing keeps in mind that a very high percentage of users these days do more searching on there mobile device than anywhere else. When we design your site, landing pages, micro sites, or even marketing packages we keep in mind that not only do they have to search, and do the work for you but also must be mobile friendly. How about a separate website just for a mobile device? Making your website switch looks when someone goes to it from their mobile device. Quick Fact. Total US mobile promotional spend in 2010 shows an even more pronounced focus on national, rather than local, campaigns. Almost $2.9 billion of $3 billion was spent on national promotions. This means about 97% of mobile promotional dollars spent in 2010 went toward national campaigns. Smartphone users were also far more likely to see web or in app ads (27.5% compared to 5% of feature phone users) due to their heavier usage of mobile browsers and applications. Smartphone users were also about twice as likely to respond to SMS ads (7.7% compared to 3.5%). This is consistent with the data showing that smartphone users are employing their browsers and apps at a rate four to five times that of feature phone users.

Personalized URL Marketing

Most direct mail campaigns do not pay attention to the large percentage of readers (Potential Customers) who prefer to respond to something online. Sending them to the same website and having them search around just is not good enough for today’s web-savvy audience. Personalized URL Marketing engages these highly valuable prospects and potential customers with their own web address or what some like to call special landing pages. A Personalized URL is a web address that incorporates the recipient’s name, an event name, contest name, etc. For example:

Content Management & Tracking Analytics

Control all of your content with a simple username and password. Its your website which means its your material. Most websites you have to email or fill out forms to have someone else update something as simple as an address, or a mispelled word. With the top of the line platforms that we use you can control, edit, and add anything anytime from any place. Once you hit submit the changes take place right away.

Tracking and Content Management is most important for you and control of your company information on your website. Be able to edit, add, create, delete, or upload anything on your website from anywhere or any computer you are using. Tracking your hits and clicks on your website are even more important to compare where visitors are going on your site. Get weekly stats and comparisons emailed to you of all your tracking for your website.

Google Analytics Shoreline

Shoreline Media Specializes in All Website Design and Website Development

  • Car Dealer Website Design
  • Construction Website Design
  • Entertainment Website Design
  • Jewelry Website Design
  • News Paper & Magazine Website Design
  • Portfolio Website Design
  • Restaurant Website Design
  • Catering Website Design
  • Salon and Spa Website Design
  • Realtor Websites
  • Corporate Website Design
  • Technical Services Website Design
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
  • Social Media, Social Media Integration & Marketing
  • Flip Books and Online Catalogs

and many more … Contact us for any information or visit our Website Design and SEO Portfolio

The Shoreline Media Teams Main Focus

Your website, how and where you appear in searches and setting yourself apart from your competition are the biggest determining factors in your company’s success. Shoreline Media Marketing is a company built on honesty, quality and trust that understands the importance of these factors and how to achieve them in a way that works best for you. We accept the responsibility of representing and showcasing your company to the world with the utmost professionalism and dedication. Together, we carefully construct your online presence; designing a site unique to the strengths and goals of your company and optimize how and where your target audience will find you.

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