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Welcome to the Shoreline Media Referral Program. As you know like most professionals we value our hard work so before any project we get involved in we want to be sure of a few things before diving in. Never do we or would we turn anyone down looking for advice or even tips on how to improve certain areas in their business. We do, however carefully study and analyze all aspects and areas of all projects before sending a proposal or saying “Yes” we can do it.

Is your project something that The Shoreline Team can handle?

Not that there are projects that our professional team can not handle. It’s just that we organize our work structure so that we can provide the same amount of customer care, support and attention to all of our clients. So if a project or referral is something that requires a bit more attention then we may have to push it back just a tad.

Is your project or referral something that we can promote over our professional network?

We take a lot of pride in all of our work at Shoreline. We put our name on it because we know that the services we provide are some of the top in the industry.There may be some sites that we may not be eligible to accept. Not only for our professional portfolio but for our clients as well. This can all be determined in the analysis of the initial call or contact.

Do you actually need what you think you need?

We can not even begin to tell you how many calls or emails that we get regarding Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Website Design, Social Media, Landing Pages and other web relative marketing areas. There has been many times where someone may think their site is so bad that they need a complete redesign or web marketing and optimization structure. Then we take a look and have the joy of going back to them letting them know that with a few edits and corrections they may not need anything at all. We will let you know. In a lot of cases, yes you may need or even want a new look with some new functions and in some you may not. We will let you know. That’s the truth part. A little optimization friendly TLC (Tender, Love and Care) can go a long way.

Can we put 100% of the required knowledge and support into your project?

The one thing we are not is a company that offer 100 different services. We offer web. Why? It is our profession, We train and we’re good at it. Would you go to a car wash to get your website built? Would you come to Shoreline to get your car washed? We believe that if you are good and you can offer expert knowledge on a specific product or service then do it. Unless you are an absolute genius that knows everything. Then by all means show us some results in everything. If you come to us you are looking for some Organic Search Results, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing and just the advancements web design and optimization. Let’s take Pay Per Click (PPC) for example. Can we help with it? Yes. Can we manage Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns? Sure. Are we certified to do so? No. That’s why Shoreline partners with some of the top Pay Per Click (PPC) experts in the industry. Let’s take New Jupiter Media for example. New Jupiter is one of the most respected Pay Per Click Agencies out there. Why? They are a company that is not only certified but who specializes in just their specialty. Pay Per Click Advertising. If we can not help you and deliver the results you are looking for in such items as PPC then we want to make sure that we connect you with who can. A company that specializes in that one area. Not 100 other areas. Just that one area.

Do you have what it takes to help get those results?

When most think of Search Engine Optimization they think Keywords, Google, Linking, Meta Tags etc. WHich is good. What most do not know is what else goes into the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services that are needed to achieve the bigger results. Do you have the structure that you want or even need? An even better questions is do you know what that structure may be? Before even getting ready to spend any kind of dollar amount on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services or Web Design services have a plan in place. If you need some help we are here to help. We just want to make sure that you have exactly what you need to hit the ground running.

So unfortunately we are not that company that can just take any project that comes out way and work on it. We are not looking to be one of those phone centers that gets to busy that we have to start transferring your calls over seas. We want to talk to you. We also want to be as professional as possible with the respected and professional reputation that a lot have come to know. Shoreline was not built by taking a ton of ads out in local papers. It was built by our clients. It was built by being able to show all size businesses what works and does not work as well as getting them their results or leads they are looking for. We promise to analyze and go through all referrals before moving forward with any project to be sure that it is something we can make work for you.

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